Member Of Legendary 90’s Band Who Slept With Two Bandmates Simultaneously Revealed


In a new Stereogum interview discussing her new book Hit So Hard, former Hole drummer Patty Schemel confirmed that she had a sexual relationship with her late bandmate Kristen Pfaff, who also had a relationship with guitarist Eric Erlandson. Erlandson also dated Courtney Love prior to her marriage to Kurt Cobain. Pfaff died in June 1994, just two months after Kurt Cobain.

“Yeah. But there was never a situation where I wasn’t gonna… it’s not like I have secrets. I don’t know if Eric [Erlandson] knew that me and Kristen [Pfaff] were having a thing, so that cat’s out of the bag, stuff like that. But then there’s everything that people know: Courtney shot heroin, so did Kurt; people know that, so there’s nothing new to reveal.”

She also discussed getting sober, “I don’t wanna walk around with a bunch of resentment about shit that went down. I just feel like I grew through stuff. The beginning of getting my shit together was looking at it like, ‘well, I’m not gonna point the finger at you because it starts with all the shit that I did. Of course you did that to me because I was nodding out during a recording session.’ You know what I mean? I’m not gonna talk shit and put everything onto you when it starts with the shit I did.”