Rage Against The Machine Icon Reveals LGBTQ Photo


Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello claimed that Jesus Christ was not anti-lesbians and LGBTQ community in a new social media post about Christmas, which you can see in a photo uploaded below via Instagram. RATM also posted photos from their 2000 Democrat National Convention performance. Rage Against The Machine tried to kick out a big name a few weeks ago.

Ruben commented, “I remember that day had just gotten off the blue line from work crowd was chanting all sort of slogans at the DNC wigs I choppers flying overhead and slight smell of pepper spray in the air, at the end a large group marched up Figueroa still protesting lead by Ozomatli, fun times.”

Jay said, “I was at this event. The electricity was actually shut down and the crowd started to get rowdy. There was a high fence that was put up that surrounded staples center and people were throwing things over to the police on the other side. Then the police on horseback came out of nowhere and started to form a line. Then they began marching towards the crowd with their batons in the air and some cops had bean bag shot guns.

The crowd panicked and people started running everywhere as cops started firing their ‘non-lethal’ weapons. Reporters were stuck in the crowd (I stuck close to the fox 11 crew). It was chaos and some people were injured including a reporter or two. The next day I looked for this on the news and only one or two stories popped up on the local news. That was the beginning of a crazy day for me”

Abraham chimed in, “‘Our democracy has been hijacked!” he screamed as the band kicked into Bulls on Parade.’ ‘Our electoral freedoms in this country are over so long as it’s controlled by corporations! We are not going to allow these streets to be taken over by the Democrats or the Republicans!'” Rage Against The Machine recently dropped a John Frusciante bombshell.