Slipknot Singer Corey Taylor Reacts To Breakup Rumors


Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor and Alicia Dove have debunked a rumor that they have broken up, and another rumor that she is pregnant with his baby.

Alicia Dove tweeted, “Today I’ve been congratulated on my pregnancy by one follower and then sent condolences about our breakup by another.

You guys are wild.”

Corey Taylor tweeted in response, “And it’s all news to me 😳”

Corey Taylor recently told Full Metal Jackie on 95.5 KLOS about the new Slipknot album, “Honestly, it’s [‘All Out Life’] probably, to me, the lightest tune on the album. I mean, it’s a great tune, it’s a heavy tune, but it’s not a good representation of the darkness that is involved with the music. We are taking some really cool risks musically.

We’re dipping into some evil we haven’t played with in a long time, let’s put it that way. It’s got little hints of everything we’ve ever done, but it’s got some of the heaviest stuff we’ve ever done as well.

People are way too pissed about the wrong things and not pissed enough about the right things. The song sets the tone for getting people to stand up and go, ‘We’re not gonna allow this. We’re not gonna allow people to run us down for religious beliefs, for the color we are, for what we stand for. For who we chose to love.’ All of these things.

There’s nobody doing it, man. Everybody’s too worried about their pockets. Everybody’s too worried about their paychecks.”