Smashing Pumpkins’ D’arcy Reacts To Billy Corgan Claiming She ‘Burned Bridge Forever’


Original Smashing Pumpkins bassist D’arcy Wretzky has continued to communicate with her fans in the comments section of Alternative Nation in a recent article about Marilyn Manson’s former keyboardist Pogo claiming that Billy Corgan ‘fucked’ D’arcy out of the Pumpkins reunion.

D’arcy criticized her former Pumpkins bandmates for only chasing money, called Billy Corgan a ‘liar,’ complimented me and Alternative Nation, and discussed her breasts.

Atrosion Band commented:

Pogo is in BC’s pocket was the point of my post. So is D’arcy. And Alt-Nation. The marketing strategy is “we” feel like supporting an underdog. There are books on this marketing strategy. I support it until the vagina says she don’t want to go because she doesn’t want to feel like she’s at a Bieber concer. We need a hero. Do you have asbergers?

D’arcy responded:

You think that Pogo & i are
“in Willy’s Pee C’s pocket”

You could not be more

James iha sure is now.

Jimmy Chamberlain always has been.

But ME?!!!!

Never have been.
Never will be.

Billy said i burned that bridge-
– there was never any bridge there.

Atrosion Band commented:

Follow the yellow bri… Money. This Tin Man has given up on your Daydrama. The Scarecrow lead him astray. Dorothy WILL be fine. Obviously, He’s had it all along.


D’arcy commented:

You REALLY DO need to get your facts straight:

Dorothy died of a drug overdose in 1969 and will
NOT be “ok”.

If you’ve given up (Tinman?) then that means you don’t care-

-so what are YOU doing here???

and if the ‘Scarecrow’ lead you “astray” why are you so worried about vaginas anyway ???

I’m here because sometimes I like to talk to people, and Brett (our gracious host) is actually a decent human being (which is almost an oxymoron these days)
and is a journalist with integrity! (no-REALLY!!!
they are NOT COMPLETELY extinct!)

ALSO: you should listen to the woman.

Paying that kind of money for a show-ANY show – would make you very uncool indeed!
( and in my opinion not very smart )

not worth going to all the shows since Willy has already said that they’re all going to be “EXACTLY THE SAME! Just like a Broadway show!”
( I think he meant Vegas-
which is where he belongs at this point)

my boobs are always visible online to anyone who cares – or doesn’t care – They’re still there-

… and by the way?
They’re even more fabulous now.
(Sometimes gaining weight can be a good thing!)

… and YES.

I DO have asberger’s.

So are you gonna make fun of autistic people now?

Daniel Lemes commented:

[Quoting Pogo] while Billy Corgan is a walking, talking, piece of human feces that makes faux art and bullsh*t noise!” Seems like this “high opinion” about Billy and his work is spread through the business? Despite sources saying he’s a douchebag, I’m still enjoying SP music. Bad to see fans choosing sides and going with the flow; imho, hes a good guitarist. The “legend” sounds overly harsh and/or personal. Anyway, opinions…

But why on Earth would anybody wants to work with him again, to begin with? Money? Babysit him, be his therapist? D’arcy seems like a good person, so why to come back to such harmful shit job?

D’arcy responded:

thank you. I try. People said that Billy had changed. He has.

He’s a liar now as well as an incredibly hateful, abusive person.
Wish i hadn’t had to find out the hard way but I must say I definitely dodged a bullet.

I never would’ve survived working with Billy again. (but then again? I would’ve just left.

Like i did before.

I thought that since James was dealing w/Billy again that That meant that Billy was worth dealing with.
Apparently James has changed for the worse too.

I was suspicious when James started working with Billy again without telling me first tho.

Damn shame tho!
All of it. We used to have something really special, but those guys just don’t give a shit about anything but money.

… damn shame.