90’s Legend Thinks Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan ‘F*cked Over’ D’arcy


Legendary former Marilyn Manson keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy (aka Pogo) has continued to rip legendary Smashing Pumpkins icon Billy Corgan on Facebook. He linked to Alternative Nation’s article from yesterday. He took several shots at Corgan’s Siddhartha recording project, and commented on the past and present feuds between Corgan and original Smashing Pumpkins bassist D’arcy Wretzky, blaming Corgan being an ‘arsehole.’

“Makes me ashamed of f****** 90s alternative music… and I’m part of that too! But why call him ‘William Patrick’? Not to be a dick, but it reminds me of when people would call Trent Reznor: “Michael”… like they knew his ass from childhood?”

“If he believes in reptilians more than leprechauns, I’m going to report him to the Hibernian Society!”

“I don’t know if Billy ever did drugs to be honest. I know Darcy did, and who doesn’t find crack fun? But ultimately, Billy is a piece of s***, and she was a decent human being. Drugs are irrelevant to the question. Again, as stated previously, I think Billy Corgan would have a bigger excuse for being an arsehole if he was a drug addict like Brian.”

“Not that there’s anything good about being a drug addict… or really anything bad about it, unless it turns you into an a******, then it’s bad but at least gives you an excuse.😂”

Ky Zhoul commented, “I admire what a truth based and common sense man you are.. Never Change, brother… and poor D’Arcy… he knows that without her nobody gives a shit about a ANOTHER half assed Pumpkins reunion.”

Pogo responded, “She’s a good person.”

“Just to be clear, I’m not loving your post because I’m somehow commonsensical or truthful… I just think he f***** over D’Arcy.”

He also discussed yesterday’s article.

“Hey, for once they actually credited all you motherfu*kers besides me… their ‘journalism’ is moving up in the world! Let the comedic feedback continue ad infinitum.”

“Can I buy shares in Alternative Nation, because I feel really good about their future prospects? And seriously, I feel like I owe them some money.”

“The fact that I’m called ’90’s Legend’ is the most hysterical and inaccurate thing!”

Jeremiah Saint commented, “Damn I missed my chance to post Charlie Brown at disneyland.”

Pogo responded, “Hey, Charlie Brown may have been a bald loser… but at least he wasn’t arrogant about it.”

Jeremiah Saint commented, “Well, he grew up into William Corgan. LOL.”

Pogo responded, “In fact, I would argue that Charlie Brown was actually endearing, the antithesis of Billy Corgan.”

Below are more Pogo comments.

“Billy Corgan might look like Charlie Brown but he acts like Schroeder.”

“Trent Reznor and Charlie Clouser in their pinky fingers have more knowledge about synthesizers than Billy Corgan has in his giant bald f****** head!”

“Oh my God, I just had an epiphany: just like Brian Warner thinks he’s David Bowie, Billy Corgan thinks he’s Brian Eno! I mean why else would you release box sets of ridiculous synthesizer and radio noises for hundreds of dollars unless you thought you were f****** Brian Eno… who could actually do a good job with it, like ‘music for airports’?”

“It all makes sense now, except Brian Eno is a humble, decent, human being who actually does make art and experimental music… while Billy Corgan is a walking, talking, piece of human feces that makes faux art and bullsh*t noise!”

“Is ‘Siddhartha’ a type of synth or is he actually using the name of the Buddha for his pompous self-indulgent crap?”

“Hey I’ll sell you an eight-hour box Jam of synthesizer crap for $8 if you want it? Seriously I got f****** tons of that crap. At one point in time, I tried to write the world’s longest song… it would literally take hours upon hours of CDs, because it was set at exactly 1 BPM.”

“His electronic stuff is like a chimpanzee with a typewriter, given enough time they can write Shakespeare.”

“I mean by pure random chance: if you make a billion things, a whole bunch are bound to be good.”

“I think that’s why he is so ‘prolific’ as they say: he is just cranking out so much crap… he will inevitably make something good.”

“That reminds me of that John 5 style of writing songs: write enough songs and you’re bound to make one that doesn’t suck.”

“Not that John 5 is a shitty songwriter, but that he writes so much crap for every good thing he writes.”

“When you want to do everything, or you’re not sure what you want to do, when you lack Focus, you tend to make a lot of crap.”

“That’s what makes John 5 such an amazing collaborator: if you focus all of that diffused ability, you have a f****** laser beam at your disposal.”

“I mean unlike Billy Corgan, John 5 is a nice guy, with a lot of talent. And I’m sorry to talk s*** about him, but I’m just going to say what I’m going to say.”

“I think Rob Zombie won the f****** Lottery when he got John 5 and Ginger in his band. Those two motherf*ckers can play! Both are infinitely more talented than I will ever be.”

“I mean let’s be honest here, both Ginger and John 5 were brought into the band because of their sheer f****** talent and ability.”

“Sorry to go off on a tangent, but not in any particular order of ability, but chronologically: Ginger, John, and Thim were the best musicians I ever saw in that band.”

“Ginger is a born musician: innate rhythm and tonality. John is the definition of someone who cares about his craft: well-practiced, skilled and trying to be the best virtuoso. Thim is the thinking man’s musician: his abilities range far and wide (musically and visually) and he can focus both physical and mental effort into anything.”

“I know these are over-generalizations, and scant descriptions… but I’m in the moment right now.”

“Not trying to be a dick, but John 5 had nowhere near the unique creativity and artistic quality that Daisy or Zim had.”

“Ultimately, it has been my great pleasure to know all of these gentlemen. And it saddens me to know that two of them have left this Earth too soon. Aufwiedersehen Brad and Scott… we will see each other again.”

“Hey kids, just to be clear here: a lot of what I do is comedy… even though it can be dark and hurtful, I really don’t have a problem with most people. And I certainly don’t think it’s right to mock people for disabilities or birth defects… unless they’re complete assholes like Billy Corgan, then go right ahead.😂😈”

“Just like I don’t think it’s right to make fun of old people falling down in the dark… unless of course it’s Brian Warner, high as a kite, knocking over his own sh*t on top of himself, in order that he might create some “stage presence” and at least attempt to give the kids their money’s worth.”

“And that my friends, is what we in the comedy business refer to as a ‘call back’.”

“I really feel like talking some s*** about Alice Cooper, but I wont. And I definitely won’t say s*** about Ozzy, he’s my god.”

“I think I’m like that Kathy Griffith or Kathy Griffin or whatever her dumbass name is… you know, talking s*** about the people I know in Hollywood and making money from it… oh that’s right, I’m not making any money from this.”

Billy Corgan wrote on Instagram on Thursday:

“Knowing most don’t read these missives is a somewhat dangerous temptation. Because it does encourage me to speak freely. But let’s be honest: free speech is a rapidly devolving concept, and many are now faced with a historical choice, which is speak your peace and invite anything but, or simply stay quiet and watch the world as you know it disintegrate before what I am consistently told is my untrustworthy eye. As in: ‘Hey mister, what you see happening isn’t really happening. Got it?’

I beg to differ, and hence the conundrum. So let’s just say i choose to speak through my work, and if you can hear what’s actually being said, all the better.

It also occurs to me that the need for othering, occlusion, or what passes nowadays for social shame has been carefully engineered over millennia as a most decided instrument of control. Or, to put it bluntly, what would be the need for such use of force. Or-or as Mick Jagger once said, ‘Why break a butterfly on a wheel?’ Lastly, I would like to illuminate something I said in a recent interview, where I referred to my rejection of the shadow world that is presented to us all as some new kind of Utopia. If you see the world through your window a simple, polemic choice: real or not real, sunny or raining, your humanity should kick in and say ‘It is my wish to know.’ And it’s that wish that comes from your own knowing that makes these choices easy. Break a false dream and you are free. Accept it and you will work at the behest of something unseen. To me, the stuff of nightmares. To others, cold comfort.”

Knowing most don’t read these missives is a somewhat dangerous temptation. Because it does encourage me to speak freely. But let’s be honest: free speech is a rapidly devolving concept, and many are now faced with a historical choice, which is speak your peace and invite anything but, or simply stay quiet and watch the world as you know it disintegrate before what I am consistently told is my untrustworthy eye. As in: ‘Hey mister, what you see happening isn’t really happening. Got it?’ I beg to differ, and hence the conundrum. So let’s just say i choose to speak through my work, and if you can hear what’s actually being said, all the better. It also occurs to me that the need for othering, occlusion, or what passes nowadays for social shame has been carefully engineered over millennia as a most decided instrument of control. Or, to put it bluntly, what would be the need for such use of force. Or-or as Mick Jagger once said, ‘Why break a butterfly on a wheel?’ Lastly, I would like to illuminate something I said in a recent interview, where I referred to my rejection of the shadow world that is presented to us all as some new kind of Utopia. If you see the world through your window a simple, polemic choice: real or not real, sunny or raining, your humanity should kick in and say ‘It is my wish to know.’ And it’s that wish that comes from your own knowing that makes these choices easy. Break a false dream and you are free. Accept it and you will work at the behest of something unseen. To me, the stuff of nightmares. To others, cold comfort.

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  • Joe Costigan

    The keyboardist for Marilyn Manson isn’t a legend.

    • Atrosion Band

      This “bad press” marketing strategy is backfiring with the ladies. They don’t want to be seen cheering a “has-been”. I don’t want to be the Joker that pays “the heel with 4.5 million FB likes”. We all feel hated and isolated in 2018. We need a hero/savior/hope, not more emotional manipulation. Every band seemingly hired the same ‘PimpR FirM’, which exposed the Wizard as a cheap hooker. So who’s the John? Who is he f*cking? Why?

      • Fey Wutt

        sounds like a question for
        ‘Willy C.’ if you ask me!

        He’ll give you an answer that makes about as much sense as your question!!!

        … maybe that’s just the fever talking???

        at any rate he’ll only charge you like, $1000 per word.

        (make sure he uses REAL words tho!)

        • Fey Wutt

          Hey: are you one o them “Ladies”??? Cause like the ad says:

          There is NO SHAME in getting
          HELP for that.

          Just think it over…

          • Atrosion Band

            So why are you here? Hate will lose.

          • Tilman Müller

            Billy even hates his fans. Marketing strategy…

          • Atrosion Band

            Worked for Maynard James Keenan in 2015. Siddartha 101.

          • Fey Wutt

            No strategy there whatsoever.

          • Tilman Müller

            He underestimated your reaction to his “Steven Adler”-strategy miserably…

          • Fey Wutt

            like to talk to some people sometimes as I said.

            “hate will lose” ???
            that’s kind of a non sequitur there –
            – unless you have terret’s.

          • Atrosion Band

            Correct, but it will. Love will win. Love you, D’arcy! Anyone that loves SP, loves you. That’s 4.5 million people according to Facebook.

          • Atrosion Band

            “Hush my Darlin”.

          • Fey Wutt

            don’t know that … is that a reference? Well, i’m not familiar with it.

        • Atrosion Band

          Follow the yellow bri… Money. This Tin Man has given up on your Daydrama. The Scarecrow lead him astray. Dorothy WILL be fine. Obviously, He’s had it all along.

          • Fey Wutt

            You REALLY DO need to get your facts straight:

            Dorothy died of a drug overdose in 1969 and will
            NOT be “ok”.

            If you’ve given up (Tinman?) then that means you don’t care-

            -so what are YOU doing here???

            and if the ‘Scarecrow’ lead you “astray” why are you so worried about vaginas anyway ???

            I’m here because sometimes I like to talk to people, and Brett (our gracious host) is actually a decent human being (which is almost an oxymoron these days)
            and is a journalist with integrity! (no-REALLY!!!
            they are NOT COMPLETELY extinct!)

            ALSO: you should listen to the woman.

            Paying that kind of money for a show-ANY show – would make you very uncool indeed!
            ( and in my opinion not very smart )

            not worth going to all the shows since Willy has already said that they’re all going to be “EXACTLY THE SAME! Just like a Broadway show!”
            ( I think he meant Vegas-
            which is where he belongs at this point)

            my boobs are always visable online to anyone who cares – or doesn’t care – They’re still there-

            … and by the way?
            They’re even more fabulous now.
            (Sometimes gaining weight can be a good thing!)

            … and YES.

            I DO have asberger’s.

            So are you gonna make fun of autistic people now?

          • Tilman Müller

            R.I.P. Judy Garland…

            Brett is at least better than any blast echo. And it’s amazing how even established music journals copy & paste nowadays.

            Grumpy old men doing the same show every night with the passion to make big money is far less exciting than to visit old concert clips on YouTube for free.
            Though the tour doesn’t sell too well, SP are selling more tickets at the MSG than Britney Spears on her two concerts at the smaller Radio City Music Hall in NY. Rock still lives!
            Maybe they should therefore -like Britney- do a Vegas year too. With a little Siegfried & Roy wrestling tribute.

            The dancing boobs are always visible…
            Gaining weight and braving gravity?

            I hope you didn’t misinterpret MY aspie comments. Some of your reactions seemed so “unconventional” (not to say cruel) making me already believe it a long time ago…

          • Fey Wutt

            Tillman, i’ve been working very hard on trying to communicate better and be very clear with people.

            i’m looking for a polite way to say this but I really can’t find one, so here goes:

            i’m being %100 sincere
            when i say this-

            you need to try to be more clear and communicate better too.

            I just don’t understand %75
            of your comments, and i’m not the only person who feels this way –

            – but on The bright side?
            I think maybe you’re not a psycho cyber-stalker anymore?

          • Tilman Müller

            How can you quote someone a “psycho cyber-stalker”, if you don’t understand most of him at all? Or call him a douchebag,…
            😛 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a5fabac1d2cc9e34138344a0761b62c4288157fd07a10858e43fb0451070cfb7.jpg

          • Atrosion Band

            No one understands anyone, anymore. Peace, Love and Understanding doesn’t translate well to text! Pick up the phone and we would find how similar we are, and how no one EVER attacks anyone in person… nor wants to. Have you ever been attacked by someone that didn’t perceive you as attacking them fist? Neither have they! Love you all. Especially you Pumpkin-heads!

          • Tilman Müller

            Yes, I should pick up the phone again to call D’arcy.
            To become a “psycho phone-stalker” again.
            May only fail on some more rotten batteries…


          • T. M.

            You were totally wrong:
            I’m a shiny and oh so bright cyber-bounty hunter https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/34bc83fcb865987db2053c089704542c9bc854376c94458d62982d18a7e84efe.jpg

          • T. M.

            Maybe “Sesame Street” helps to understand:


          • T. M.

            On the shiny and oh so bright side:
            Am I not a heavy-weight watcher cyber-bounty hunter with a hung out heart of gold; wrapped in my armed army suit?


          • T. M.

            “too” Are you comparing me…? “%75” I just don’t understand.
            And don’t hold your gun on me in a cyber-bullying way… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6275c02ad1dee8dbcfdcc320fdbab990016002e4e0dba3f3f9d1dd2afa8e61fa.jpg

          • Atrosion Band

            You win, old friend. I didn’t mean to attack you… “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” I didn’t know it was you, and felt attacked because I was trying to say the same thing you are (overpriced tour, manipulative marketing), and got taken the wrong way. I, like BC doesn’t communicate well with people that take things literal. It is our responsibility to realize we (manic depressive’s) are also poor communicators… and our dyer need to be clever gets the best of us. This failure to communicate has affected us as a society. We need to accept our differences, and stop labeling others “defective” based on their ability to communicate. The only people “winning” have nothing to say and are leading our young men back to war. Passionate speech, exposing false truths and honoring unique perspectives are our only hope. You have a psychic bridge with BC. I was on it with you March, 23rd. How it works, and how I got there is beyond me. Love, I suppose.

          • T. M.

            Mine have grown too. How are the ones of your buddy?

      • Fey Wutt

        it’s just awful that you feel hated & isolated.

        i DON’T.

        probably has something to do with you considering yourself a “lady”…

        Like i said: there’s help for that.

        and don’t you worry your pretty little head about EVER being considered ‘The Joker’
        for ANYTHING-
        you don’t have one iota of humor (good or bad) in you at all!!!

        … btw: you better learn to be your OWN hero/savior/hope, or you are going to be waiting for a Long, LOOOOOONG time.

        • Atrosion Band

          Ummm… I was referring to having to buy two tickets, one for a lady for the upcoming tour. She is a SP fan as well, but doesn’t want to spend $300 of our money to “not feel cool.” We planned to go to all 34 shows. Pogo is in BC’s pocket was the point of my post. So is D’arcy. And Alt-Nation. The marketing strategy is “we” feel like supporting an underdog. There are books on this marketing strategy. I support it until the vagina says she don’t want to go because she doesn’t want to feel like she’s at a Bieber concer. We need a hero. Do you have asbergers?

          • Olga Stewart

            You do realize that you just commented to D’arcy?

          • Atrosion Band

            Funnily enough, I did about 3 minutes later. She showed me her tits when I was 12. #METOO

          • Tilman Müller

            You mean “She showed me her tits when I was 12” exploring the Adore album. #MEASSHOLETOO


          • Atrosion Band

            No, in the flesh. 5th row, bass side. I use to wear the T-Shirt with her on the back to middle school (my, how times have changed). And the #METOO was a joke… I was literally excited to see it was D’arcy that responded to me (even if she read me wrong, most people do) as she is one of my 4 idols. She could shoot Billy and that wouldn’t change. Communication breakdown… That is all I am talking about in any of my posts. I can’t even fathom personally attacking people. Are you projecting? How dare you post a copyrighted image without siting the photographer and owner, asshole!

          • Tilman Müller

            Not the funniest kind of joke. I’ll immediate correct the photo naming the photographer too.

          • Atrosion Band

            Oh, dude… I was joking about the photo, too. Comedy is all… timing. I’m avante garde. “Love, love, love.”

          • Tilman Müller

            Two of my comments got erased. For showing links?
            Or was the one with Yelena’s photo of D’arcy too nude for “Disqus”?

          • Atrosion Band

            You should try babbling about war and the occult like I do. :). I got a msg in my email screenshotted that D’arcy posted and someone (maybe she) deleted… No boobs in it, but still great. :). They also reorder the msgs here to tell a different narrative. I think that is why D’arcy got pissy with me. I screenshot everything, and have observed everything tons of strange changes. Welcome to New-America, Tilman. Where everyone is free, but some people are freer. This type of thing is adding significantly to our schism… Which will lead our boys to war. Nothing changed in reality, but you will feel crazy, be perceived as crazy… and even crazier if you present evidence! Our posts here are serving no purpose but to bait D’arcy for clickbate… Not any of our intentions. Follow the Money!

          • Tilman Müller

            Now they appear again. Have they been muted and/or rearranged?
            Disqus is confusing if not disgusting at arranging the flow of the communication.

          • Corndog

            I just approved a bunch of posts that had been marked as spam by someone. I presume your posts were among them.

          • Tilman Müller

            Why are comments muted before a moderator has checked the information to be true? And if people do this spam vote just to mute opinions they don’t like, THEY should be “muted” out for their misbehaviour.

          • Corndog

            Don’t blame me man. That’s just the way Disqus works. As for the people that are marking them as spam, Disqus does not show who it was that actually marked them as spam so there is no way to penalise them. I get your point, but be angry at Disqus, not AN.

          • Alternative Nation

            I removed it. No nudity in comments here allowed.

          • Corndog

            Fair enough man. Your house, your rules.

            Yeah i’m not sure what they mean about the comment order thing. There is no facility to do that in Disqus at all. Are you aware of any way to find out who it is that is marking so many posts as spam and causing them to be temporarily removed? These are not posts that are in any way offensive, and in fact most of them have been about Corgan, so it appears to be a disgruntled Pumpkin’s fan that is doing it. They did it with a bunch of D’arcy’s posts too (from the thread that today’s article came from) but i approved them so they’d reappear.

          • Corndog

            No one changes the order of the posts. There is no facility to even do so in the disqus moderation panel.

            Recently, some dingus has been marking anything they don’t like as spam which automatically removes a post. Same person is also downvoting any comments they don’t agree with. That is the only thing I can think of, but I assure you no one at AN is reordering the posts. That’s not possible.

          • Atrosion Band

            It reads even funnier with the credit to Yelena Yemchuk, Billy’s (27 year old, in 1998) girlfriend. I got to get me some of Alex Jones’ supplements. Or maybe be the greatest songwriter, and all around musician of all time. Or master the art of Siddhartha… Or be in a financial hole. Anyone know the way to Carnage Hall? D’arcy?
            Love and humor all around.

          • Fey Wutt

            You think that Pogo & i are
            “in Willy’s Pee C’s pocket”

            You could not be more

            James iha sure is now.

            Jimmy Chamberlain always has been.

            But ME?!!!!

            Never have been.
            Never will be.

            Billy said i burned that bridge-
            – there was never any bridge there.

          • Atrosion Band

            So why are you working for him for free? Why is Pogo claiming he was abused by BC 20 years ago? Do you believe in bad press? You guys haven’t stated any real, or not already widespread allegations against BC. He’s manipulative… Isn’t that a synonym for leadership? I’m not on the payroll either… but I can tell everyone what a ‘Free Market Capitalist’ is. Why don’t you hit him where it hurts? You were great when you had no function. Now you are aiding the Military Industrial Complex… Whether you See it or not.

          • Tilman Müller

            “You were great when you had no function. Now you are aiding the Military Industrial Complex…”
            You mean “no function” in being the quiet bass player?
            And how is she “aiding the Military Industrial Complex”?

          • Atrosion Band

            I meant the band as a whole had “no function” (a Pavement reference from the song “Range Life”). No one was attacked in my statement. We are about to start a Nuclear war with Russia. How did we get here? Did you misunderstand and shoot the messenger? The Masons (whom Corgan now seemingly supports… You can love him now, and he can be in the HOF… YAY!) are silently aiding in the disenfranchisement of young men? I bet the military will welcome them as family… When they are needed. It’s our new form of conscription. Luckily, women are prepared for factory work. Are you ready? I’m not. I did my time.

          • Tilman Müller

            Nuclear war with Russia? Starting with bombs on Syria…?
            I may have a problem seeing all the hints in your messages having English not as my native language. But it looks stupid to answer on the use of chemical weapons in the end on a nuclear level.


          • Atrosion Band

            The USA was going to attack Syria this week regardless. Russia said last week that the US was staging a false flag involving a chemical attack to the UN. Russia is only there defending their pipeline monopoly to Europe. The US is ready (you can see it in the streets… it’s not in the news). No war is actually sparked up over night. When the Reischtag burns, we will have all of our young men out of work, failing communication, personnel swaps, new weaponry and mass confusion already well underway. I typed this on Alt-Nation PRE-Chem attack. At this point, I am starting to feel like less of a canary and more of a dissident. So— Go USA, may all the kids die! Metal! All hail the great Satan!

          • Tilman Müller

            There’s only a Satan if there’s a God. Let’s start to prey before it’s too late…

          • Tilman Müller

            Dan Reed as supporting act for the Smashing Pumpkins would be a nice bald symbolic reconnecting boat trip.
            I’m irritated about the Chamberlain spelling… At least Jimmy doesn’t erase jokes about Billy from his social media. And didn’t visit him on his 50th like James.


    • Fey Wutt

      you know what they say about opinions!

      Oh! … you don’t know what an
      “Opinion” IS ???

      Well- what you said ?

      That’s YOUR “OPINION”-

      – and that makes you a ???
      (an) ——-.

      • Joe Costigan

        No pretty sure by definition of the word legend – the former keyboardist is not a legend. Not an opinion but a fact.

        • Dani

          Every time Manson fans were all wet because they read “recorded live 14 Feb 1997”, this was because of Pogo. The way Pogo talks is the way Manson used to be in 1996. Now it is a watered down slob in his middle age, alone and sucking fame from those who are near him… oh, just like Corgan. And I used to like them both, a lot.

  • Atrosion Band

    How much is Billy paying Pogo? I’m not famous but I could use compensation for the 3 copies of Siddhartha I bought. No GREAT lessons to be learned in that terrible, terrible piece of D’arcy. 😉

  • Luke

    Hmm…seems like Pogo certainly thinks highly of his opinions. Those are the first people you throw in the dustbin of useless commentary. Still going to back Billy up on talent and application.

  • Diana

    Does this dumbass have an album to promote or something? That said, once again I found myself agreeing with him.

    • Fey Wutt

      Prolly just has the flu & a lot of time on his hands like the rest of us, but “DUMB” he AIN’T.

  • Fey Wutt


    Thank you for your support & kind words Pogo!

    – and right back atcha!

    i remember how
    ‘fans’ used to get awfully confused when they met any of you and discovered that y’all were just “nice people”!

    I know i’ve said it before, but it definitely deserves
    repeating at least once every couple decades or so:

    You guys were always KIND?!!! 😱?, smart, funny, TALENTED, and a hell of a lot of fun!!!
    (and also helped to make
    much of that nightmare we shared so much more bearable)

    There’s just one thing that you left out tho:

    What do you call a “whiney little bitch’s bitch?”

    ‘JAMES IHA’.


    • Atrosion Band

      More hate. Harmful to people that are SP fans.

      • Corndog

        I’m a Pumpkins fan. I haven’t felt harmed by anything D’arcy has said…

        • Fey Wutt

          You might think that i don’t care but i really actually do.

          I don’t know if you understand. It’s hard to when the reason Billy is so pissed off at me is only because i told the truth my way when i needed to do it.

          so you can’t exactly expect the truth from him since he is in such a rage that i’ve spoken some of it.

          • Corndog

            I think it is clear that you care D’arcy. The simple fact that you take the time to come here and converse with us shows that, and you’re presented your side of the story in a very clearly and reasonable manner. I for one completely believe what you have said as it all seems completely in character for Corgan. I hope that you’re right and he does someday come to regret all this. If he comes knocking on your door at that point, i’d be inclined to tell him to fuck right off if i was you!

            As always, hoping that you’re feeling happy and well, and not letting the bald avenger get you down too much. Love to you and yours:)

          • Corndog

            Despite all his rage you refuse to be a rat in his cage:)

      • B Buffer

        Nah, actually D’arcy is refreshing to all real Pumpkin fans. She is answering questions we have had for like 20 years. D’arcy was always really special to Pumpkin fans.

    • Tilman Müller

      How about reviving your Facebook activities for a more direct message to the receiver:


      • Fey Wutt

        Someone deleted my fb.

        • Tilman Müller

          It’s not deleted. You are still listed as a friend in the counter. It’s only deactivated.
          Try these hints for reactivating your Facebook account:

          • Fey Wutt


            I’ll try to get to that sometime relatively soon.

            It would be nice not to have to re-friend all of those people.

            That took a very long time to do.

          • Isles487

            Hi D’Arcy,

            Thank you for engaging with the fans. Not often do we get the opportunity to speak directly with someone like you.

            It’s disappointing to hear that you won’t be part of the tour. I don’t
            care who played what, whose parts were recorded, etc. You were a part of the band whose music was and is so important to many of us. It’s not Smashing Pumpkins without you.

            Hope whatever comes of all of this, that you are doing well!

          • Fey Wutt

            i am well.

            Actually better than i’ve probably ever been in my life.

            Thank you!

          • Isles487

            Thank you for responding – that’s great to hear!

            You’ve mentioned a few times that since leaving the band, other than 5 years in Austin, you’ve been in a rural area, on a farm. What are the biggest draws of rural life for you? If I lived in a place like that, I’d totally keep lots of dogs!

          • Tilman Müller

            So well already after all this reoccurring drama with Billy? And ongoing hate attacks by some of his sworn fans you could call “Sad Machines”? You have a very short period of recovery…
            What’s the secret for it? I could need it!

          • Atrosion Band

            …As Rome burns.

          • T. M.

            Hard to understand in this situation without further explanation…
            Free at last from the Pumpkins Syndrome?

          • Tilman Müller

            !2 days left for yet impossible Birthday greetings on Facebook…

            I GUESS I’LL HAVE TO TELL THEM HERE !!! !!! !!! .

            #rat in a barn


          • Tilman Müller

            Have you actually created this new D’arcy Wretzky-Brown Facebook site?

          • T. M.

            You are actually shown in the Facebook-Messenger only as “Facebook User” with the comment: “This message has been temporarily removed because the sender’s account requires verification.”
            The link to the Facebook site about ID/verification possibilities and its original content:

            What types of ID does Facebook accept?
            If you need to confirm your name on Facebook, or if you’ve lost access to your account, you may be asked to send us a copy of something with your name on it. You have several different options for this, including photo IDs issued by the government, IDs from non-government organizations, official certificates or licenses that include your name or other physical items like a magazine subscription or a piece of mail.
            Any time you send us something that confirms your name or identity, please cover up any personal information we don’t need to see (ex: credit card number, Social Security number). Also keep in mind that we encrypt everyone’s connection to Facebook by default and delete anything that you’ve sent to us after we’ve confirmed your name or identity.
            Learn more about how Facebook protects the privacy and security of your information when you submit an ID.

            Group One
            You can send us one of the items from group one to confirm your name or get back into your account. Anything that you send us should contain either your name and date of birth or your name and photo.
            • Birth certificate
            • Driver’s license
            • Passport
            • Marriage certificate
            • Official name change paperwork
            • Personal or vehicle insurance card
            • Non-driver’s government ID (ex: disability, SNAP card, national ID card, pension card)
            • Green card, residence permit or immigration papers
            • Tribal identification or status card
            • Voter ID card
            • Family certificate
            • Visa
            • National age card
            • Immigration registration card
            • Tax identification card

            Group Two
            If you don’t have anything from group one, you can send us two different items from group two. The name on the items that you send us should be the same name that you want to show on your profile.
            Keep in mind that if you’ve lost access to your account, you may be asked to provide something from the list that also shows a photo or date of birth that matches the details on your Facebook account. This extra precaution is so that we can make sure that the only one with access to your account is you.
            • Bank statement
            • Transit card
            • Check
            • Credit card
            • Employment verification
            • Library card
            • Mail
            • Magazine subscription stub
            • Medical record
            • Membership ID (ex: pension card, union membership, work ID, professional ID)
            • Paycheck stub
            • Permit
            • School ID card
            • School record
            • Social Security card
            • Utility bill
            • Yearbook photo (actual scan or photograph of the page in your yearbook)
            • Company loyalty card
            • Contract
            • Family registry
            • Diploma
            • Religious documents
            • Certificate of registration for accreditation or professional
            • Professional license card
            • Polling card
            • Health insurance
            • Address proof card
            • Social welfare card

        • _horizont_

          Hi D’Arcy,

          I was wondering…would you ever consider doing an Ask Me Anything session on Netphoria?
          That would be incredible.

          • Fey Wutt

            Isn’t that a Billy thing?

            He’d never allow it.

          • Tilman Müller

            You’re wrong! Billy even got some inspiration for song texts through Netphoria…
            How about credits for it, Mr. Corgan!


          • Fey Wutt

            you could just ask here and now tho.

          • _horizont_

            Yes. I love your posts here! It would be an absolute honor though to have you over. Brett from Alternative Nation is also a member on Netphoria by the way!
            I could start an Ask Me Anything thread. You would just need to register. You’d then be able to answer some questions when you feel like it.

          • Fey Wutt

            I hate registering.

            Maybe later.

          • _horizont_

            That would be absolutely awesome.
            Here’s the direct link:


          • Adam Bosse

            you’d love it there.. http://forums.netphoria.org/ it’s been titled “hatephoria” because the SP fans there are a bit more honest in their criticisms of billy, so any of the usual billy ass kissers are not fans of the page. needless to say, everyone there is upset that you’re not on the tour and more or less believe your side of the story.

          • Tilman Müller

            I hate as a consequence thereof needed passwords you could easily forget. Have to be the stupiest words to NOT forget them. Like your “Wutt”… 😀

          • _horizont_

            Hi D’arcy,

            …just wanted to ask if you’ve thought about it.

            It would be an honor to have you over for an AMA thread.

            Here’s the link where you can register…it’s very easy:

          • Paudi O Cuan

            Hey Darcy I have a question if you dont mind answering.There is alot of stuff online about your drug use rumours…media… billy calling you a ‘mean spirited drug addict who refused to fet help’ Im just wonderin if you could set the record straight as to why it all began and share your side of it? Especially since what Jimmy went through and you followed down the same path was a bit shocking.Just would like to hear your voice behind it and not the media.

          • Fey Wutt

            Later i will finish it later.

          • Paudi O Cuan

            Not sure why that comment got posted twice. I only joined this thing 2 days ago still trying to figure it out. Cool and thank you for responding 😎

          • AndNow2.0

            Everything is later with you. Just like inviting Billy over to your farm and meeting face to face, but it had to be later. Now it’s most likely never. Correct?

          • Tilman Müller

            And now the insane psycho again: D’arcy had invited Billy, not the other way round. Not even later…

          • Tilman Müller

            And everything is later with you now: AndNow, AndNow2.0, AndNow3.0, AndNow3.1,…
            I guess the best way is just to RESET

        • Pedro

          Create an account on instagram!

    • Zweet Juzt 1212



      Let's just say, you are a Goddess with the patience of Job.

      This person whom you discuss is one of the biggest fakes in the music industry which in our current reality as it is makes him a success- rich, popular and powerful. example = Trump one manipulative bad man = another = Corgan
      Like attracts like in the law of physics therefore by association they are one and the same.

      Fortunately for Lady D'arcy he such a blowhard [ closet homo – why else would he date little girls who look like prepubescent boys, must be that teenage experience which he secretly desired – time will tell] and speaks his own truth yet need to discern properly.

      Just so everyone knows……

      In the 'King of Douchessness' announcement of the opening band Pavement he admitted to getting pavement kicked off the tour and sabotaging them professionally . see attached link


      He's admitted publicly he's a scumbag [definition – used condom – human waste product ].

      I can't even imagine having to be around such needy greedy good for nothing [rather bad for everything] all the time. No wonder every one did drugs. It was the only way to deal with 'the King of Douchessness'

      Just cuz someone can write music and sing doesn't give them right to railroad everyone into doing what he wants. Sorry, he frigging is a predator.

      And this poor Malky guy – sucks to be him – having to suck up to that to pay the bills. How come there's no union to pay for your retirement?

      Also, why not sue Mr. LOZER for pain and suffering?
      And Is your shoulder injury from playing if so it's sounds like workers comp!!!
      Also, you should get together everyone he's done this too as well and organize a frigging payback like he's never imagined.

      He's an assmuncher – you know what D'arcy???
      If you had a $$$ va-jaja he'd been around you.

      All those stupid rich women who pay him money to be around him? UCK
      How frigging stupid – I guess money doesn't equate brains/intelligence.
      Don't they realize he's just using them for their contacts, influence and money.

      Here in poor land – the men pay to keep their women happy not the other way around…. hmmmm maybe this is yet another example of pussyboy being a manipulative bitch.

      Side note –

      Oh and another thing. If I were all those people at the conference I would change my phone immediately. Fudge – he's so insane. I wouldn't put it past him to frigging try to jack their phones and hack into their computers. He's such a control freak and thinks he can control everyone and everything likes he's special. He's a musician who it made it big by using, hurting and taking advantage of everyone and everything for his own selfish purposes – Just like John Lennon. That's all. Nothing more Nothing Less. Bad men who can make good music should not equate to fame and popularity.

      So – my dearest lady rocker –
      A blessing for God and he uses for his own ill gottn

      • Fey Wutt

        Trump & Willy now have some serious competition in the crazy/sexist/arrogant/flat out MEAN

        Read what Mr. Mike Lidstone has been spewing!

        • JimmyJohnJoeJohnson

          Isn’t your guy a Trump supporter though? Or at the very least certainly not a snowflake, which sadly you seem to be….Just sayin’

          • Fey Wutt

            “MY GUY”?
            Don’t know what are you talking about.

            … and thank you!

            Snowflakes are so beautiful!!!
            … and each one is unique!

            And none of them are shit-spewing assholes (like you) who have no idea what they’re talking about and so they make no sense to anyone else either.

            nor do i care.


            (Haters be Hatin!)

          • AndNow…

            Oh, I know exactly what I’m talkin about, lil miss goldilocks!

            You are as insane as you say Billy, who btw probably does support Trump, though he never actually has said he does, but you said he did.

            Why does it matter though? Do you not respect other peoples’ views? Don’t tell me that was part of the reason you decided not to show up for the reunion.

            You really are a snowflake!

          • AndNow…

            I just recently got back into liking the band again, and I have to say, I’m kind of glad you won’t be on the tour.

            Reading your comments and seeing how mean and nasty you are, and the things you say, shows who the real asshole here is.

            Billy doesn’t need that. Billy is getting set for the tour with the other originals, and YOU WON’T.

            Anyone reading your posts can SEE WHY.

            And hey, maybe you SHOULD have been more of a kiss ass and toe the line, you’d probably still be in a band….

          • Fey Wutt

            i’m taking a screenshot of that too.

            So, that’s what you want?

            A bunch of people who can’t or won’t think for themselves and all they care about is money?

          • AndNow…

            I simply wanted the original band back, but YOU being YOU, had to ruin it with your stubbornness and whatever other bullshit you’re dealing with.

            You sure do walk your walk and talk, but look where that got you, still stuck on the horse farm while the other three rock out without you.

            Now, maybe you’re starting to accept that, and horses are cool and all, but I gotta say, deep down, you really, really wish you were part of this tour, as you’ve already said.

            But you AREN’T going. Because you’re a MEAN, NASTY, little BISH with an attitude to match. I can’t even imagine the arguments you and Billy used to fight over.

            Maybe you need to learn about the word RESPECT,

            RESPECT those who helped you get where you are today! Without Billy, where would you be?

            Oh, that’s right…..buying crack cocaine and getting arrested!


          • Fey Wutt

            and no.

            I don’t want to be a part of that.

            It’s ridiculous and embarrassing.

            (like you)

          • AndNow2.0

            I find that hard to believe

          • Tilman Müller

            You don’t have to, DISsBELIEVER…

          • AndNow2.0

            But you do, which is why you’re here still talking about this. Shouldn’t you have moved on by now? If you just bit the bullet and did what Billy says, not for Billy, but for the fans! We may have had an actual reunion with the OG bassist. Lots of bands didn’t get along and still went out and played every night. Look at the Ramones for example, absolutely hated each other, yet Joey and Johnny still went out night after night. It can be done if you truly cared…

          • Corndog

            Just do what Billy says huh? Jesus Christ….. thankfully D’arcy appears to have more self respect than you if you think that would have been acceptable. Yeah. Sure. Just let him shit all over her to appease ”fans’ like you.

          • Tilman Müller

            You don’t get it. Billy only wanted her to do a little part. Jack Bates was already his bass player for the tour. Nobody can blame her for not be willing to get humiliated this way. And to talk about it.
            The Ramones surely had a fairer split of their fees too…

          • Fey Wutt

            Thank you tilman.
            and yes they did.

          • Fey Wutt

            you just made me laugh out loud!!!

          • AndNow2.0

            Oh, I’m laughing too D’arcy. At you and your posts. Today i showed one of my coworkers some of the things you have been saying (she is an SP fan too) and we both laughed. You should be a comedian! I even asked her, I said, “What if I told you the cool, hot bass chick from SP from way back when ended up in the middle of nowhere and is now online arguing and “trying” to defend herself EVEN though she is in the wrong!!?” She looked at me, laughed and said I was dumb (probably because it was so unbelievable). She’s blonde btw, just like you.

          • Tilman Müller

            YOU must be a BALD, fat, ugly looking pig now, like your cowworkers, outdated 2.0.

          • T. M.

            You sound like one of those Sick Machines trolls, CLAY (and Steve)…

          • John Scott

            If it was up to D’arcy, she’d be the bass player on this upcoming tour – but it wasn’t up to her. Billy had already hired Jack Bates when he told D’arcy she wasn’t going to be the full-time bass player. Corgan said he wanted her to show up for a few shows – play one or two songs – just to sell extra tickets/merchandise. That would be humiliating for anyone with an once of pride. He didn’t ask Jimmy or James to do that, just D’arcy.

          • Fey Wutt



          • Tilman Müller

            Haters EVERYwhere:
            Your latest replacement, Jack Bates, must have trouble with some D’arcy Wretzky or just female bass player hardcore fans. His Instagram was already put on private. Now his Twitter too.
            The shady sites of fame. Or at least on the way to get there…

            …private mist… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/52cdf2eb500d336b1db0db04e5b3197530ef9b5ebdf782c39cb9c00d7149920d.jpg

          • Fey Wutt

            worse on the way down

          • Tilman Müller

            On the way up to the ceiling:
            Grumpy old men, not even able to take a good band photo.
            Jack in the background mist and Jeff missing was NOT intended.


          • Tilman Müller
          • Tilman Müller
          • Tilman Müller
          • T. M.

            Jack made his Twitter account public again and is posting gladly his next Yamaha bass he got for free:

            Thanks @YamahaGuitars for another custom #BB734A – all the basses for this tour look amazing & sound great with the @cleartone strings! @SmashingPumpkin #ShinyAndOhSoBrightTour #Yamaha pic.twitter.com/RJDFMvxUy4— Jack Bates (@Jack_Bass_) 26. Juni 2018

          • Tilman Müller

            And censoring everywhere…

            Brett doesn’t allow nudity photos at this AN-discussion forum, erased therefore an artificial picture of you by Yelena.

            I guess, pictures of men with spare textiles are still allowed…?


          • AndNow2.0

            How am I a hater? That’s something kids used to say back in my gradeschool days, not what I’d expect from someone like you. I’m just really bummed out the reunion thing failed, and because reading your posts shows me it will never happen and that there is no chance.

          • Atrosion Band

            It’s the end of the world as we know it. Don’t bang and blame. Irony is the shackles of youth. Mr. Andy Kaufman’s gone wrestling. Don’t throw your hand. Now I’ve said too much.
            …but one more thing, AndNow isn’t cool, and will be somebody’s fool this year.

          • Shinobi Jedi

            Dude, your troll skills suuuuuuuuck. 🤣

          • Shinobi Jedi

            Yeah, the fact that you created an account just to respond to D’Arcy says everything.

            Clearly the truth stings enough to make you create a burner account.

            What are you? One of Billy’s Ex GF’s or BF’s? One of the enterouge?

            You have the insouciance of taking this all very personally for acting like a casual “fan”

          • AndNow2.0

            Not at all. Got pretty mad because my account was banned for no told reason. I even sent an email apologizing if offended anyone. As for Darcy, I’m simply trying to put a little sense into someone who wants to blame Billy for everything. I don’t know Billy personally, but the guy is a genius. However Darcy

          • Corndog

            If your account was banned your previous posts would no longer display your username, and would instead appear to have been posted by ‘guest’.

          • Shinobi Jedi

            However Darcy is calling him out on his manipulative bullshit while you have his dick in your mouth? Is that what you were trying to say? I couldn’t understand you with you fellating Corgan so hard while speaking.

          • Fey Wutt

            This is WAY more entertaining than rustling !!!

          • T. M.

            There’s NOTHING more entertaining than silk rustling…

          • Fey Wutt

            DOUBLE OUCH!!!

          • Corndog

            It would be easier to hear what you’re saying if you’d take Billy’s knob out of your mouth for a moment…

          • Fey Wutt


          • Yeah, she should “fake it for just one more show”… Your beloved Billy said, not me =D

          • Atrosion Band


          • Tilman Müller

            And now: Shut up, you kiss ass CORGAN-CLOWN of a troll!

            Opening just an account on DISQUS only to disgust one member you want to bully with hate. Not even having the balls to show your REAL name. If you want to criticize her, do it by fair game.

            Ugly glasses too: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3e8bdd29ab98f9b41ce2797cbd3c8f1b64c24620f088deea25012d4d427b348c.jpg

          • Fey Wutt

            Oh i know!!!

            Poor billy!!! everyone is always so mean to him!

          • AndNow2.0

            Yeah, You are. Even though he helped tremendously with your career. The only hater that’s hatin is you 🙂

          • John Scott

            Dude, what is your damage? Why hate on D’arcy? What has she said that isn’t true? She wanted to be in the band and participate fully on the tour – but Corgan won’t let her. So is she angry? Of course she is? So what you’re telling me is that if you got lied to, and fired, you would be totally cool with it? What a hypocrit.

          • Fernando Ramires

            I think he’s talking about Patrick Salermo, who is said to be your boyfriend, and a huge Trump supporter/conservative.

          • Tilman Müller
          • Tilman Müller
          • Tilman Müller
          • Tilman Müller
          • Tilman Müller
          • T. M.
          • T. M.
    • Pedro

      I always thought Billy was a selfish person. His reports only help confirm.
      After so much ingratitude on the part of Mr. Corgan and other members of the SP, I ask you:
      Why do not you give us a musical project of your own?
      I really would love to hear your music with SP, solo or with another band!
      For you and your fans, I think it’s the right time for you to make it happen!

    • edging4dayz

      this is so sad can we hit billy corgan

      • Fey Wutt

        I can’t tell you what to do…
        … but he is in the wrestling
        business so i guess SOMETHING would be w/in the realm of the law, and most of the rest of the world would probably think so too.
        a lot of people LOVE that form of entertainment!
        BILLY TOO!!!

  • “while Billy Corgan is a walking, talking, piece of human feces that makes faux art and bullsh*t noise!” Seems like this “high opinion” about Billy and his work is spread through the business? Despite sources saying he’s a douchebag, I’m still enjoying SP music. Bad to see fans choosing sides and going with the flow; imho, hes a good guitarist. The “legend” sounds overly harsh and/or personal. Anyway, opinions…

    But why on Earth would anybody wants to work with him again, to begin with? Money? Babysit him, be his therapist? D’arcy seems like a good person, so why to come back to such harmful shit job?

    • Fey Wutt

      thank you. I try. People said that Billy had changed. He has.

      He’s a liar now as well as an incredibly hateful, abusive person.
      Wish i hadn’t had to find out the hard way but I must say I definitely dodged a bullet.

      I never would’ve survived working with Billy again. (but then again? I would’ve just left.

      Like i did before.

      I thought that since James was dealing w/Billy again that That meant that Billy was worth dealing with.
      Apparently James has changed for the worse too.

      I was suspicious when James started working with Billy again without telling me first tho.

      Damn shame tho!
      All of it. We used to have something really special, but those guys just don’t give a shit about anything but money.

      … damn shame.

      • Atrosion Band

        As a fan, I would be disappointed if Axl Rose was on time. Why do we focus so much on personality traits? I wish Billy would be more abrasive. He seems too PC? What is your take on him playing the Forever Hollywood Cemetary? I couldn’t go because I don’t “ascend stairs” well.

      • “I thought that since James was dealing w/Billy again that That meant that Billy was worth dealing with. ” I see, that makes sense. Good for you all shit coming before jump in. “Blessing in disguise”, I guess is the phrase.

  • Dani

    Pogo was a “legend” indeed for what he brought on the table and those who actually do not admit it, they never heard closely maybe the albums he was involved with – actually he was so important to the real sound of Marilyn Manson that since his departing from the band Manson lost forever that textures, those concepts and depth – just as Billy Corgan without D’Arcy lost those parts in which they were singing breaking your heart with beautiful melodies… they brought something on the table on the most fabulous rock records of the last 25 years, so yeah, fuck the haters – the day you will accomplish 10% of what those people did, feel free to comment feeling superior to them.

    Glad D’Arcy replied to him, as they were both fucked over by two ego-maniacs.
    At least Corgan is able to play – he doesn’t write great songs anymore, but Manson’s “originality” as a “solo artist” is so fucking overrated. He was a great frontman. He still has charisma, and his past. This is what he got.

    • Atrosion Band

      Does them being “legends” or not matter? When is the last time you “hero worshiped” a soldier? The hate Pogo and D’arcy are slinging is being flipped as others hating on them (I haven’t seen one hateful comment towards either). And tons on Corgan whom is supernaturally talented. D’arcy called me “a lady”, “no sense of humor” and a “never was” for recognizing the marketing for the tour is failing… I didn’t even have her and Pogo in my thoughts. Fans (the mob) came to her defense and further attacked me. D’arcy and Pogo are on BC’s payroll, manipulating us all. This trick has been done by other bands, and Corgan claims to be the king of it. He has explained it in interviews, and is the lesson in the book “Siddhartha” which he put out. There is an even deeper trick contained in that vinyl LP that could sink the music industry (how much love, respect, pussy and money do I get to NOT tell what it is?), btw. This is all psychology. Don’t be the “fool this year”. I fought for your freedom, don’t give it away.
      -The Courageous Lion.

      • Dani

        I think about some soldiers, and dead every single day, sorry you mistaken me for someone who have never experienced a Death in the family, especially living in Europe and after all the shit I have seen even decades after WW2 I developed a quite natural respect for the fallen ones or those who are nurses, Teachers, doctors – I am not disrespecful as you think I would be, sorry to disappoint you.

        About all this – I am just stating, payroll or not, that people that claim that Pogo wasn’t that important in what Marilyn Manson WERE since “Lest We Forget”, they didn’t pay attention or are just blind Mansonites who slay everyone who dare to touch their “talented artist”.

        I liked what SP and BC did since “The Future Embrace” – then to me he seems to have really lost it. Of course he still a wonderful songwriter – but they were discussing the persona.

        Siddharta is the sound installation he puts out the book is by Herman Hesse – if he really titled a book Siddharta still quite sad in seeing his ego didn’t improved – sinking the music industry?
        Him and whose army?
        Certain things cannot be put to sleep.

        • Atrosion Band

          So what is actually on the vinyl? And I didn’t mistake you for anyone. I was speaking broadly in that statement. Thinking about, isn’t THANKING, and is miles from “hero worship”. D’arcy and Pogo have had more love run through their veins than all of their fans combined. If they need more it’s cause they are bored out. They are acting as if they are being hated on… and getting shit-tons of praise and support. I should try that some time. My recruiter told me I’d never buy a beer again… I’m still waiting for my first (not hyperbole, I shit you not).

          • Atrosion Band

            This is all I will say about “what is on the vinyl”. Have you ever looked at the back of a Rothko? I have. You might then know why it is worth every penny of $66 million dollars.

          • Dani

            Yup I had that luck!, have a degree in art history and believe it or not, I exposed along with artworks by Hans Bellmer, Max Ernst and other small names you know… Sorry, your babbling is getting more and more inconsistent with every word you write so basically I ignored you.
            Your clues are pointless even in defining what it could be defined way more simply. Meh.

          • Atrosion Band

            So why is a Rothko worth more than the Beatles back catalog? What is on the back. I risked life and limb on a hunch to find out. When my hypo was correct I nearly shit myself. Why would Corgan’s terrible sounding beeps and blips be worth so much? Why did he release it in such limited runs for such a high price? It ain’t music, my friend. You have to at least be curious to find out. Btw, I was not talking to you, and still aren’t. This is public which is why I am not spending one iota of time dissing one person for simply adding content (opinions) to the web. I am only talking about marketing.

      • mike

        This may be a trick, but in this case we’re not the Marks…

        Like all rock bands they’re a Broadway act. A critic once said Van Halen was like an old Vaudeville number. It’s a joke. Cool when they’re the brand new trendy “it” band and you’re a teen and don’t know anything, but life wises you up in time …

    • Fey Wutt

      Eloquently put my friend.

      • Fey Wutt

        … and i’m referring to all i’ve read that you commented on.

        • Dani

          Dear Fey – thank you so much, sincerely. You are a treasure and I miss hearing your beautiful voice singing as much as I miss Pogo’s electronic nightmares, you both are on another League from 99% other musicians I heard in any record… Glad to know you are doing great – and happy to have been supportive in the right way <3 many hearts on your way!!!

  • Corndog

    Bill and Ted said true knowledge was knowing that you know nothing:)

  • John Scott

    Billy screwed D’arcy over. That’s a fact. He wanted a room full of “yes men”, and he wanted the biggest piece of the $$$ pie. The sad part is that he can’t own up to it, yet he likes to talk about having “strong character”. If he cared about the fans – or D’arcy as a person – he would go to Michigan and make things right. He still could, if he was a man of “strong character”. I have more respect for D’arcy than him, because he’s the one hiding. At least she’s getting the truth out there.

  • John Scott

    Billy only communicates when he can completely control the message – which makes him a hypocrit. Thank you, D’arcy, for actually interacting with us – and getting the truth out. I apologize for some of the butthead comments that you’ve had to read as a result.

  • Franz Plewka

    Following the whole SP Drama now since the beginning of the year. As a big fan in the early 90ties i had hope to see the original lineup. I live in germany and for the “real” smashing pumpkins – i would have bought tickets for an US show. But how it turned out: it just sucks. Its just a big big money thing, and the way, Bolly Corgan treads D’arcy, is the awfulst way to treat a person. I Just hope, that this tour flops bigtime.

    And D’arcy: you should be happy not be surrounded by a bunch of assholes like bolly and co…..

  • Izzy Heil

    D’arcy, I’m glad we haven’t met, so I can’t embarrass myself by falling to my knees and hugging yours. You are a god, and I can hardly wait for your inevitable(?) autobiography. If I met Billy, I’d want to throw things. You rule D’arcy, and have always been the epitome of realness. I remember reading EW in the store because I was a poor kid, and crying in public that you were reported to have quit Billy’s circus. I’m grateful that my idolization of the band based on purported sincerity was not more than 50-75% in vain. I hope you stay away from destructive forces, of which Billy is one. You’re the best and I will always be a fan on your side. I hope you will always show yourself the love that I and your fans share for you.

    • Izzy Heil

      And I hope you make more music! I play bass because of you and painted my jazz bass like yours. Any Kiroppi stickers leftover? LOL XO

  • T. M.

    The way James just answered about your today’s relationship on the Howard Stern Show was an awkward mumbling:

    James, it had to be particuly hard for you. Because when the band broke up you were sort of allies. And D’arcy is even said I don’t even understand how James is back in that band, right? She is critical of you for this decision.

    Yeah, I mean, I..I wasn’t involved with (giggling) with their conversations. And I just wanted to be like..dealing with my own relationship with Billy.

    But do you..do you feel hurt, when she critizes you for going back into the band?


    Nah… What you’re gonna do?

    What you’re gonna do…

    (giggling) Yeah, you’re in a different head now!



  • T. M.

    Another comment from James at an interview with the Pumpkins a few days ago at the “Guitar Center”:
    “Billy tried his best. In the big picture, I think everybody is at different points in their lives, and whoever can work it out and get it together with the band can do it. It’s just one of those things.”
    Get it together with the band or just with brand-owner William Patrick Corgan…?


  • T. M.

    And then Billy got build a statue as a joke on your the Messiah comment.
    And hired a model for celebrating your drug addictions and your worldweariness in tour visuals.
    With the help of artificial Straw:

    Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an A riot! Got this in the mail today. So fun to watch crazy ideas we start ripple out. @williampcorgan 😂🤘 #smashingpumpkins @laneychantal Ein Beitrag geteilt von Linda Strawberry (@lindastrawberry) am Nov 17, 2018 um 7:21 PST

    He must have felt butthurt. To do such shit…