Smashing Pumpkins Member Reveals Money Fears After Exiting Band


Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin remembered his 2009 exit from the band in a new interview with Vizions.

“When I was leaving the Pumpkins back in 2009 I had some fear about money and such, and a good friend and mentor told me, ‘I remember sitting on the couch talking to my Dad. I don’t remember what the couch looked like.’ Point being that you can always make money, but you don’t get time with your loved ones back.”

Chamberlin later rejoined the Pumpkins in 2015. He also discussed his background.

“In addition to having run a technology company for four years, I have thirty plus years of experience in the entertainment industry. This gives me a unique and holistic understanding of the music business. I witnessed drastic change in both of these markets which gives me a valuable vantage point. I forged thousands of relationships and friendships over the years, which allows me to tap into the collective wisdom of the industry, stay current with trends, and see developments in real time.”

“Blue J Strategies is a company I founded after leaving my job as CEO of LiveOne Inc. I found that although I wasn’t working at LiveOne anymore, I still possessed wisdom relating to tech and that there was a market for my experience. My day to day business is generally advising on growth strategy, fundraising, connecting businesses and individuals, and helping to source tools in the marketplace. I also advise on music related properties, band strategy, record deals and other industry related fields.”