John Lennon Goes To ‘Sleep’ Before Dying In Eerie Photo


Late The Beatles member John Lennon’s official Instagram account recently sent out the following vintage yet eerie photo of Lennon laying asleep in the grass. You can view it below. In other John Lennon news, fans of the legendary Beatle co-founder recently took to social media via the official subreddit for The Beatles to discuss their thoughts and feelings on one of the Beatles and John Lennon’s biggest albums in Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. This John Lennon in wheelchair before death photo was recently revealed.

The creator of the topic started things off by saying: “I know this is like saying water is wet on this Reddit but sometimes I just forget and then look at all the songs on the album, as every single song on it is just incredible in its own way and so memorable. Every single song is iconic which is like unheard of in today’s standards. Just a random thought.”

While one Reddit user replied: “I concur. Love that album. I was at a house party a few days ago and it was being played and it still sounds fresh each time I take a mini-break from it.”

John Lennon’s ‘greatest lover’ in bed was just revealed. A fellow Beatles superfan went: “Yeah, last time I did a Beatles marathon I thought it was the best.”

While this Beatles lover replied: “One of my earliest notions about the band was how famous many of their album tracks were, almost like they were “hits” in their own right — All My Loving, Here, There and Everywhere, Lucy in the Sky. A testament to how deep the albums ran into people’s lives, not least Pepper, which people must have played from start to finish all week long.”

With this Beatles fan stating: “I first heard some.of the songs on a quarter-inch reel to reel my dad made in the 60s,. I heard that tape at 4 in 1979. Didn’t know what it was till the 90s. Great times since then.” John Lennon revealed real ‘killer’ in secret note.