Smashing Pumpkins Member Reveals Why Morrissey Lost ‘Grandeur’ Of Smiths


Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin reacted to his band being compared to the Smiths and Nirvana in a new Art 19 interview.

“We knew how we wanted to make ourselves feel. That’s a great reference point, I think Mike Joyce and the way he played with the Smiths, was just an incredible inspiration to me, just because of the sensitivity and power that he played with, and the grandeur that he played with, that I think Morrissey was never able to capture later. Those early Smiths records were face melting, just in the production. Nirvana was kind of the punk rock version of that.”

Last week Morrissey canceled his show at the San Antonio’s Tobin Centre just two days after his set in Arizona was cut short after performing six songs.

A statement on the venue’s website reads: ‘Following health concerns stemming from Morrissey’s appearance in Tucson, it is with great sadness that tonight’s sold out engagement in San Antonio at the Tobin Center is cancelled to allow him to fully recuperate.’

Last Monday night in Tuscon, Morrissey was midway through performing “Everyday Is Like Sunday” when he stopped the gig, telling the crowd: “It seems I have left half my mouth in Guadalajara.”

Gustavo Manzur, Morrissey’s keyboard player on tour, said at the gig: “His voice is shot. You heard it, you heard it.”

“He’s been trying, trying really hard. He came out, he tried. His voice is really shot. We’re sorry. He’s sort. You know he tried.”