Smashing Pumpkins New Album Features Tool Surprise


The Smashing Pumpkins released two new songs today, “CYR” and “The Color of Love.” We broke news on a new Smashing Pumpkins leak a couple of days ago. The first song got a music video, which features Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin dancing. The songs are synth pop driven, featuring touring member Katie Cole on vocals, along with Sierra Swan, who toured with the band on the ‘In Plainsong’ tour in 2016. The songs will appear on the band’s new album in November.

Fan reaction has been mixed, with some fans hoping to hear more of Jimmy Chamberlin and James Iha after their returns, while other enjoy the electronic geared sound, which has similarities to Billy Corgan’s 2005 debut solo album TheFutureEmbrace. Many fans have pointed our the similarities between the song “CYR” and Puscifer’s “Apocalyptical.”

Puscifer is Tool singer Maynard James Keenan’s band, and there are six degrees of separation, with James Iha being Maynard’s former bandmate in A Perfect Circle.

Shane Duffy wrote on YouTube, “Some rad Puscifer influence goin on.”

Noel Atcheson added, “Is it just me or is anyone getting a serious Puscifer vibe off this?”

Obscured Satellites In Flight commented, “I think a lot of people have a knee jerk negative reaction whenever they hear synth/electronic elements in Billys music going all the way back to Adore. And that’s fine if the style is not your cup of tea but there is a solid song here, and experimenting with different flavors of music is part of the Pumpkins core identity.

QTee said, “Not my favorite from them. Get your bassist back, you need her. This isn’t exactly my type of hype from this band; I definitely prefer a harder sound from them. I’d also prefer it if artists of yesterday weren’t trying so hard to appease such a currently tasteless, generic generation because they don’t know good music anyway and all you end up with is a blah. Two of my most listened to bands debuted a song in the last 12 hrs and both left my ears hanging.”