Smashing Pumpkins Make Sad New Video That May Be About D’arcy


Smashing Pumpkins fans on Netphoria recently posted that the new video played during “Try, Try, Try” on the Shiny and Oh So Bright tour appears to be inspired by the band’s former bassist D’arcy Wretzky. A beautiful actress who looks strikingly like D’arcy appears in the video, and is shown struggling with drug addiction.

houseofglass11 posted:

“Cherub Rock got the crowd going wild. And there’s no way the video during Try Try Try isn’t about D’arcy. The girl has long hair at the beginning and looks angelic and then cuts it and spirals into drug use and darkness.”

Corgan’s Bluff posted:

“Looking at the video I do agree, having in mind pictures of her with a vodka bottle and crook punctures in 1998.”

The Pumpkins have not commented on the meaning behind the video, so the similarities could be entirely coincidental and have nothing to do with D’arcy.

The original “Try, Try, Try” music video from 2000 depicts a brunette woman struggling with drug addiction.

D’arcy discussed her past struggles with drugs that started during her later years with The Smashing Pumpkins and continued in the years after she left earlier this year in an interview with Alternative Nation. She said she is clean now, and in better physical shape than her former bandmates.

“I’m in better shape than any of them. My Mom was a health nut, and she taught us about eating healthy. I eat totally clean, I live and work on a farm.”

“I like to do martial arts, I like to train horses, I like to build fences, I like to build stuff.”

She also discussed quitting drugs, “I’m just incredibly lucky; I don’t have a genetic predisposition for addiction to anything but television, that’s pretty much it. My metabolism just changes so quickly that I can’t do very many different kinds of drugs. I was self-medicating, or as I said in Texas, trying to kill my brain. I even tried to OD, and it didn’t work. I could do copious amounts of things, but the stuff stops working, and if you’re ever doing it for fun, it doesn’t work, and then you couldn’t get real drugs.

I got to the point where I found the right medication for me, and didn’t need them anymore. I’ve never been addicted to anything, I could smoke socially. I was in rehab, and many doctors didn’t believe that I could just smoke socially. Lots of people smoke socially, if I could buy a pack of cigarettes, it could last three months. I’m just extremely lucky.”

  • Chris

    That was what the music video was about in 2000 when it was released.

    • Chris Ross

      YES! you beat me to it. The OG video for Try Try was all about heroin use and drug addiction. BUT I have been saying that the models they used in their live production look A LOT like Darcy.

  • Evan Jones II

    Try, Try as these Three might, the band ain’t without D’Arcy.
    Just a coincidence? Seems obvious they are feeding off her trr

    • Aragon131

      I knew Corgan could be as mean as a fucking snake but I’m shocked Iha would go along with this. Jonathan Melvoin son who was an infant when Jimmy Chamberlain was indirectly responsible for this father’s death must be an adult by now. I hope he confronts the Sausage Party (which is what SP stands for now) three.

      • Evan Jones II

        Hard to say. From my take Willy Wonka strung along D’Arcy never really intending her to be a part of this tour, while assuring the Japanese guy and Jimmy Jam she was, for their sign up. If this is so, Billy Willie Boobie is one hellava snake! That is some thick sausage that hurts.

  • Jesse Dean Meyer

    I’m glad it wasn’t just me who thought this. After watching what was an otherwise amazing show, I kept thinking to myself, was that supposed to be a tribute, or a jab? It was pretty obvious it was about her.

  • Vincent Phillip Davis

    I don’t wave the flag for anybody but I find it interesting that people are saying this is mean spirited, when the lyrics are of a very heartfelt sentiment, and very positive, telling a friend or former to try isn’t exactly mean.