Courtney Love Calls Metallica Member Her ‘Husband’


Courtney Love wrote on Facebook, “@metallica @larsulrich.official so nice to see my ‘ husband ‘ from the road ! @itsjeremyscott . Where are the girls playing Rock ? I’m so confused . #goodtimes #family #roadfamily.”

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett says he’s open to the idea of recording another live album with an orchestra or even another collection of covers.

The band released Garage, Inc in 1998 which saw them cover artists including Thin Lizzy, Diamond Head, Black Sabbath and Misfits. Metallica then went on to issue the live S&M album.

And when asked whether he would be open to doing something similar in the future, he tells 105.7 The Point (via Metal Injection): “That would be nice. I don’t believe we’ve done something like that since, I guess, around the Load, Reload, Garage Days Re-Revisited, S&M kind of period where there was just like a real concentrated period of output.

“It’d be nice to get to that, because we were still actively touring behind an album, but we had these other things coming in too that changed the tone of the tour and introduced other cool different songs and different factors.

“Like when the S&M thing came out, we were, all of a sudden, playing with a symphony which was quite a different thing. So if we could do something like that, it would be great – but this is a really big machine and sometimes it takes time to steer it this way or steer it that way in terms of pure inertia. It’s an effort.”