Soundgarden Back In Legal Battle Over New Album


The legal symphony between Vicky Cornell, the widow of the late Chris Cornell, and the iconic band Soundgarden continues to play out in court, leaving fans and the Reddit music community in suspense over the fate of song rights. In a recent episode of the Vinyl Guide podcast, the host delved into this lingering legal saga, seeking insights from Matt, a member of the band.

The episode took an unexpected turn as Matt navigated the delicate terrain of discussing the ongoing legal dispute. When prompted about the status of the case, Matt, constrained by the legal intricacies, expressed his inability to provide detailed information, emphasizing the sensitivity of the situation. “I basically can’t say anything because the legal dispute is ongoing,” he remarked, leaving listeners on the edge of their seats.

A surprising revelation came when the host, anticipating a resolution, mentioned his belief that the legal dispute had been settled. Matt’s response was a cautious acknowledgment, “Yeah, so did we,” hinting at the uncertainty that shrouds the proceedings. The careful choice of words underscored the complexity of the situation, leaving room for speculation about the intricacies of the legal back-and-forth.

Despite the desire for clarity, Matt remained guarded in his comments, possibly a strategic move given the ongoing nature of the dispute. He hinted at a timeline for resolution, suggesting that fans may not hear anything until 2024, further extending the period of anticipation and leaving the resolution of this legal symphony in suspense.

As the legal notes continue to echo in the background, the unresolved nature of the dispute raises questions about the implications for Soundgarden’s musical legacy and the broader landscape of intellectual property rights in the music industry. The courtroom drama adds an unexpected chapter to the band’s narrative, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the final notes of this legal composition.