Pearl Jam ‘Finished’ New Album Revealed To Fans


Matt Cameron opened up about new, interesting details regarding the upcoming Pearl Jam album during an interview with The Vinyl Guide Interview podcast. He also revealed the current status of final 7 Soundgarden songs via Pearl Jam Online.

It’s been three years since since Gigaton. It was noted that Pearl Jam has become quiet following the pandemic. He was asked if this is the calm before the storm and whether the band is making plans for 2024.

Matt Cameron said: “Yeah, we’re sort of figuring, figuring all that stuff out right now. But we did make a record with Andrew Watt that’s in the can, mastered, mixed, ready to go. And so I think like the powers that be are trying to figure out, you know, when that’s gonna come out and touring and all that kind of stuff. But yeah, you’re right, we did dip our toes back in after the pandemic. We did some shows in 2021 and then we we did a tour and we did some shows in 22, we did kind of a big tour in 2022 and and we had to wear masks and the crew had to wear a mask and we had to test and it was just like it was just no fun, you know, you know, we got through it great and the crowds were fantastic, but we just did a little run last September this past September and that was like kind of back to normal. I mean I I caught COVID-19 during that during that tour unfortunately, but I think like in general the the you know the the touring industry is pretty much back to normal.”

He was asked if there’s a good chance that Pearl Jam will be hitting the road again, and possibly with an album. He replied:

“I think so.”

The interviewer noted that there were the final recordings with Chris, the Soundgarden ones, final seven songs. He was asked is there any particular plans or it’s going to be released in 2024.

I don’t think so, unfortunately. We’re we’ re still in the middle of a kind of a dispute with the estate and… So I think, it’s everything on hold right now and I can’t really like go into details unfortunately. But as of right now, no it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen next year. I’m not giving up hope.”