Soundgarden Celebrate Badmotorfinger Anniversary: ‘I Love You’


Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron celebrated the 27th anniversary of Badmotorfinger on Monday.

He wrote on Instagram, “Happy Birthday beautiful! Love you forever. ❤” Vicky Cornell shared Cameron’s post on Instagram.

Soundgarden posted on Instagram, “‘Badmotorfinger’ was released on this day in 1991! Do you remember the first time you heard it?”

Kim Thayil discussed the 25th anniversary of Badmotorfinger in a 2016 interview with Rolling Stone.

“It’s not a glowing, sunshine-y memory,” he says. “I always think of how we shot two videos for ‘Outshined’ – I developed this understanding of the song as being commercial and pedestrian – and how it was in MTV’s Buzz Bin. I thought it was a great album but I characterized it by this MTV, commercial-radio thing and the attention and fawning that comes with that.”

“I look at the track list, and it’s like, ‘Oh, wait a minute, “Slaves and Bulldozers” is on there,’” he says. “‘There’s “Jesus Christ Pose.” And, oh, crap, “Room a Thousand Years Wide.”‘ And I realized that there are so many elements and dimensions to that album that are powerful and pleasant and strong.

“I sincerely started falling in love with the album,” he continues, during a lengthy chat with Rolling Stone. “For years, my favorite Soundgarden albums were Superunknown and Screaming Life, and this jumped ahead of ’em. You’d think I’d be sick of it, but I started becoming more and more proud, especially after I saw the live material, the outtakes, some of the treatments [visual artist] Josh Graham did for the Blu-ray audiovisuals – I don’t have to think of MTV’s Buzz Bin playing the crappy ‘Outshined’ video anymore. It just gave me a different insight and appreciation.”

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Happy Birthday beautiful! Love you forever. ❤

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