Soundgarden Icon Refuses ‘Gossip’ After Chris Cornell Tragedy


Soundgarden bassist Ben Shepherd explained in a new Instagram comment why he has been posting photos from past Soundgarden tours. Shepherd said that he wants to show fans how he is healing from the death of Chris Cornell, and that he doesn’t seek to add to the ‘gossip’ or ‘such nonsense.’

“To answer Luigi – i just get sick of seeing the same old pics and am only doing any of this to finish off the last European tour ( mostly ) and like i said originally, to let people know that l’m healing up from all of our shared loss of our dear friend , brother , fellow Father , co-conspirator in making the world a better place and that l’m grateful to all our fans ,friends ,and families for the experiences and love of life and music etc that everyone over all these years has shown , AND afforded me personally.

Its kind of my way of showing what i can show and say to share what i think you all deserve from the other side of the the record covers , videos , photo shoots or barricades, interviews , etc of what my experience was. I try to not add to gossip fodder or any such nonsense – sorry if i bore , confuse or generally let anyone down. Do not let my bad attitude reflect poorly on Soundgarden please , and please enjoy the work we did.”