Metallica Icon Surprising Hospital Video Revealed


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has uploaded a video of himself in a medical facility running some tests, but he appears to be doing very good, as he had upload a photo before of himself jogging in what seemed to be a hospital. You can view it below.

Ulrich discussed working on the ‘Triple Frontier’ score in a new Rolling Stone interview.

“I have no interest in playing with anybody else other than Metallica,” Ulrich tells Rolling Stone. “But occasionally when there’s an opportunity to do something that’s just out of the wheelhouse, for me, I guess subconsciously, I always think, ‘If I go do this, it’ll be an experience that will be interesting and then I’ll have another point of view to give to Metallica.’”

He got involved with Triple Frontier — a movie about five ex-military men attempting to rob a Colombian drug lord — last fall when director J.C. Chandor called him out of the blue with the offer of drumming on the movie’s soundtrack. They’d met in 2013 after a screening of Chandor’s All Is Lost at the Mill Valley Film Festival. Ulrich was curious about the movie and asked the director a question during the open-audience Q&A.

“When I met him after the screening, he said he recognized my voice,” Ulrich says. “It turned out he knew Metallica quite well and we stayed in touch.” Chandor told him that composer Rich Vreeland, who works under the name Disasterpeace, was working on the score but that he thought Ulrich’s playing “would contribute, embellish, elevate or add another layer,” according to the drummer.