Soundgarden ‘Last Album’ Unreleased Material Revealed


Soundgarden recently discussed the decision to release unheard King Animal recordings in a new Instagram post on their Nudedragons page.

“Today, April 20th, marks the 8th anniversary of Soundgarden releasing the King Animal Demos on Republic/Loma Vista Records. As the title suggests, this EP collects half a dozen demo versions of songs from King Animal. The U.S. edition came out on 10” pink vinyl for Record Store Day!

The band wasn’t always comfortable with releasing demos, outtakes, or early production and rehearsal versions of their songs. They warmed to the ideas after learning how much these recordings were loved by you, the fans, and the subsequent request by Soundgarden’s various record labels for bonus material to be used in special releases such as this, as well as album reissues and anniversary box sets. They now celebrate this material along with their brothers and sisters!

The artwork is once again beautifully designed by Josh Graham. The front cover (pic #1) is a colorful take on the King Animal cover which featured Josh’s sculpture, “Night of the Last Equinox”.
The back cover (pic #2) is a favorite of the band’s. It is wonderfully creepy cool!

Bones of Birds…?
We got Bunnyhawk!!
By Crooked Steps…?
That’s how scarecrows walk!!

Peace, Love and Cheers to your health!

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