Soundgarden’s New Album May Come Later Than Expected


Kim Thayil discussed Soundgarden’s new album in a new Herald Tribune interview.

“We have a few things that have been demoed and a number of songs that have been written and rehearsed that we have rough studio recordings of,” Thayil said. “Let me clarify that, I don’t mean studio quality recordings, I mean, rehearsal studio recordings. We just kind of document what we’re working on. So we have some of that. Then we have some demos that are a little bit more further developed.”

“I think we’re basically the same band,” he later said. “We still love feedback. We still write things in weird time signatures. It’s just from our inception to where we became, with ‘Superunknown,’ we got a little less quirky, a little less angular and a little more heavy. And I think if you listen to ‘King Animal,’ you probably see that sort of, there’s definitely a Soundgarden sound, but with little eclectic pepperings and esoteric references that are distributed throughout it.”

Chris Cornell told Den of Geek that the band will get into the studio later this year, which makes the original discussed timetable of releasing a new album in late 2017 seem challenging.

“We haven’t really recorded anything so we’re just sort of working on ideas and I think we have about half the songs that we need for an album,” he calculated. “But you never know. We tend to make pretty long albums. At some point when we feel like we’re done, five more songs show up at the doorstep.” He did add that the band was likely to get into the studio sometime this year.