The Rolling Stones Reveal New Bassist On Album


The Rolling Stones have seemingly got Keith Richards to play some bass. The bassist has revealed that he’s been “playing a lot of bass” on The Rolling Stones’ upcoming new material.

Keith Richards opens up on working with The Rolling Stones

Keith Richards recently spoke to the Daily Star newspaper’s ‘Wired’ column (via and the musician spoke about spending a week in Jamaica to work on music with Stones frontman Mick Jagger.

He told the newspaper that him picking up the bass guitar provided “another angle” to the legendary band’s sound. “It’s quite interesting – at the same time it’s Stones man,” he said.

He was then questioned about the number of new tracks that emerged from the sessions as the bassist replied that it was quite a productive week and several tracks came into being. He said: “More than I can count – it was a very productive week.”

Richards went on to say that he and Jagger “got a very good sound going”, adding: “Jamaica is good for sound.” Previously, Mick Jagger dropped a retirement bombshell by posting a picture.

The Rolling Stones recently announced UK and European 60th anniversary tour, which is set to take place this summer. The upcoming tracks will serve as the first new music from the Stones since the death of their drummer Charlie Watts last summer.

Steve Jordan, who initially stepped in to replace Watts, so that could recover from surgery, is now the group’s permanent touring drummer. The Rolling Stone’s most recent album of original new material, ‘A Bigger Bang’ released in 2005. Over a decade later in 2016, the band released their ‘Blue & Lonesome’ covers record.