Soundgarden Reveal Truth About Scott Weiland


During a new interview with Lifeminute, the hugely successful guitarist for Soundgarden, Kim Thayil, reflected upon the grunge movement that took off in the early 1990s and discussed bands like Stone Temple Pilots and if they truly fit the label of ‘grunge’ or not. Credit to the ultimate-guitar for the below transcription.

This Soundgarden supergroup video recently leaked. “Grunge was this generic label of referred to bands from Seattle in general, but also included bands like Smashing Pumpkins, and Stone Temple Pilots get thrown in with grunge a lot – they were in LA and Pumpkins were in Chicago. There’s certainly a cultural aesthetic that we shared with all those bands, but I think musically, the idea of a big power chord that’s all fuzzy and distorted.

He would continue:

“I think Nirvana might embody the musical identity of grunge, maybe – the band that’d best embody grunge, I would think, is Mudhoney, Mudhoney’s sound, and their style and attitude. That’s, that’s like the archetypal grunge band. “The Pumpkins certainly had those elements and Nirvana. It was only grunge in that we came from the same place and we were friends of those guys. And we played the same venues, we played the bills together.”

During an interview that was conducted with Audio Ink Radio, Stone Temple Pilots guitarist, Dean DeLeo guitarist talked about the late, great Scott Weiland was inspired by the legendary Karen Carpenter.

“Scott truly was a singer,” Dean said. “Scott was a crooner. And I’m gonna tell you something that a lot of people won’t know, and a lot of people will be, like, ‘I’m not hearing that. I don’t get that.’ But go listen. And listen to the way they breathe. Listen to the way they enunciate. And not so much the enunciation, but listen to how they breathe through the song and deliver a line and deliver a lyric and their melodic sense. Scott was very influenced by Karen Carpenter. And if you go back and really listen, and listen to Scott’s delivery, and then listen to how Karen delivered a line or a lyric or how she breathed and where she took her breaths, Scott really, really was very much like her.”