Soundgarden Tease 2019 Reunion In Powerful New Video


Matt Cameron has uploaded a new video of himself rehearsing the Soundgarden song “Drawing Flies”. It isn’t totally clear if this is a new video, but Cameron recently shared a new photo of himself with Soundgarden bandmates Kim Thayil and Ben Shepherd. The Soundgarden trio are set to reunite for a performance on January 16, 2019 at the Chris Cornell: I Am The Highway tribute show in Los Angeles. They will perform with guest singers, including MC50 singer Marcus Durant.

Kim Thayil discussed the one off reunion performance in a Forbes interview.

“I think Matt [Cameron], Ben [Shepherd] and I will collectively decide which songs we’ll throw our best fist forward. The lineup was put together by Vicky [Cornell, management and the booking agents all with our approval. The only people on the bill are people that Soundgarden members approved of.”

When asked if there was ‘excitement’ about getting to perform Soundgarden material again, Thayil said there was.

“Yeah, there will be. I’m looking forward to doing some of these songs with Marcus Durant, who is the singer with this MC50 project we’re doing.”

Thayil discussed the band’s unfinished final album with Chris Cornell in the liner notes for his new retrospective album. He first discussed the band reuniting.

“Our time in the studio writing and recording over the next seven and a half years were memorable, fun, and productive, no different than where we had left off. The ideas were coming quick and easy, and of course, Chris was writing plenty of material much of which he felt would be best voiced by Soundgarden. His generosity in sharing and collaborating continued to thrive in a band dynamic.

His attention to the creative process and encouragement of his fellow band members had not diminished. In fact, it seemed to have increased and become more sensitive as well as patient. A quality that I attribute to his having become a loving father three times over.”

He later wrote, “Still today, I think about all of the works in progress that were suspended, the ideas and songs that we were building, now left with unknown potential, the unfinished recordings awaiting a guitar or bass track, additional percussion or backing vocals. I imagine these songs taking their place alongside all of the others in our catalog. A catalog where every song, every track on every album, is a medal of achievement and honor adorning our soul and bestowed upon us by Chris.”