Star Trek Star Attacks Elon Musk With Trent Reznor


We hear so much talk about the strange Elon Musk that I don’t know what to make of it anymore. The man doesn’t sleep, doesn’t eat, thinks aliens are flying about in outer space, and benefactors keep gifting him money to purchase social media platforms like Twitter – for Twits. It would appear that Musk wants to be in the headlines again today. His topic of choice, washed up Nine Inch Nails band member.

According to Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor has confirmed he’s about to “depart” Twitter – as if that’s earth shattering news. He said it was due to the ‘billionaire class.’ Come on. This is following the “embarrassment” of Elon Musk taking over the social networking site. What is more embarrassing is that Trent and Musk actually take this world of opinions behind keyboards seriously – like its real life. Musk called Reznor a ‘crybaby’ in a tweet response.

Last month, Musk completed his takeover of Twitter Inc (with big benefactors funding the purchase) and became the platform’s new owner. Reminiscent of WCW wrestling days when Vince Russo took over WCW, and then ultimately destroyed it.

The madman Musk immediately fired numerous top executives at the company and has spent the weeks since wrestling (interesting choice of words) with a paid verification system, banning people for impersonating him and seeing a spike in hate speech on the platform.

Earlier this week, Elon Musk allegedly told the remaining Twitter staff that they must “work long hours at high intensity” or leave the company, with rumors of the site’s collapse following soon after. See, just because he enjoys slaving away for hours and hours he wants everyone else to do the same. Not so revolutionary is he. Perhaps if his chip worked, he could just insert it into those workers and hey presto – they’d only have to work a few hours because they’d be geniuses and would figure out how to do the work faster.

Star Trek star Wil Wheaton posted a photo of Reznor and attacked Musk on Facebook, “I can not fathom the emptiness, the insecurity, the insatiable need for attention and validation, the staggering arrogance, the malevolence and total void of human experience that is Elon Musk.

He’s the richest man on the planet. You can’t go anywhere or do anything without interacting with something he’s part of in some way. There are literal millions of people who uncritically worship him, in spite of overwhelming evidence that he’s a douchebag. Some number of them will come after me, as they come after anyone who points at their naked emperor. They’ll spend entire days going after me and people like me, slavishly serving a man who does not even know they exist. They are his army of fools, uncritically serving his every whim. And it still isn’t enough.

He can have any material thing he wants, and he will *never* be happy or satisfied. He has no real friends. Every single person around him is either a viper, a parasite, or both.

So what does he do? He bullies and threatens and harasses and trolls and behaves like the weak, scared, insecure child he has always been. That’s a tragedy for him, but it’s dangerous for us. He doesn’t care what he destroys or who he hurts as he chases this existential thing he can not ever have.

You know the saying “hurt people hurt people”? He’s a hurt person who is hurting our society, making people I care about less safe. The consequences of this one man’s midlife crisis are global, and that terrifies me.”