Steven Adler Reaches Out To Guns N’ Roses ‘Brother’ Izzy Stradlin


Original Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler recently wished Izzy Stradlin a happy birthday.

“Happy Birthday to my loving, faithful, rock brother. I love you and thank you for being a great friend. #happybirthday #izzystradlin #rockbrothers #gunsnroses ❤️????”

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Chip Z’Nuff discussed Steven Adler’s 2016 return to Guns N’ Roses on the fan podcast Appetite For Distortion. Alternative Nation transcribed the story.

“Steven loves the whole camp, he loves Fernando the manager, he really likes the whole team, he loves the whole legacy and respects it. But he is very opinionated, he said some things in interviews because he was frustrated, and it probably got back to the camp and ruffled a little bit of their peacock feathers. But after awhile the wounds healed, and it was only fitting to get Steven to come on out there and see how it worked on a couple songs.

He did that Cincinnati gig and it was great, and he called me that night and said, ‘Yeah we played a gig Chippy and it was so fantastic. I just loved it. Slash just asked me to get on his bus and go to the next gig with him to Nashville.’ I said, ‘Well what are you doing right now?’ He goes, ‘I’m smoking pot.’ I go, ‘Well put the fuckin’ pot out right now. Don’t get anybody mad at you. Go to the next city, play the show, have a good time, and don’t bother anybody. Just play the shows, and keep out of the way.’

I think he did, I wasn’t there for the show, but I heard it was terrific and well attended. Before that they played two shows here at Soldier Field, and that’s 65,000 people.”

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