Tool Suffer ‘Bad Sound’ In Denver Concert Video


Tool have resumed touring, and they recently performed at the Ball Arena in Denver, CO on January 27. However, Tool fans were not delighted to listen to the band live in concert, but it wasn’t their fault. It turns out poor sound quality annoyed the fans in attendance, and many fans left the venue disappointed with the sound.

Fans react to Tool performance

One of the fans said on Reddit: “This was my first Tool show and wow.. the sound was s*it. I can’t believe they thought that was okay? Super disappointed”

While another added: “Had it been ANY other band besides TOOL I would have left immediately. It was borderline assaulting and a disgrace to the musicals onstage to have their sound put through that.

As an audio engineer, it baffles me how a professional engineer can put that out as a crowd worthy production. It was impossible to distinguish Danny’s individual drums over the muddy bass, Adams guitars washed out Maynard, and Justin’s bass became one homogenous warble. I brought my partner who has never seen TOOL and honestly feel bad for her entire experience.”

The band previously debuted a new song live on tour. Tool also recently returned to Las Vegas for the first time in almost two years on Saturday night.  The veteran metal band has now staged two of its past 30 performances at T-Mobile Arena, the only venue that’s hosted Tool twice since the group released its fifth album, Fear Inoculum, in 2019. The band also recently went to San Diego, south of their home in Los Angeles, for their concert at Viejas Arena.

Despite being billed as another date on the Fear Inoculum Tour, the latest concert was in no way a rendition of the previous one. The setlist was heavier on Fear Inoculum material, with all but one song off the latest album performed, and the visuals were mostly new. A constant gush of graphics and videos stretching near stage-to-ceiling made it easy to get lost in the long, songs in which Tool almost exclusively now deals. Tool fans now anxiously await the band’s sixth studio album.