Rush ‘Cash Grab’ After Neil Peart Death Revealed


Neil Peart exploitation news! A user over at the prominent Rush message board, TheRushForum recently complained about a potential Neil Peart and Rush cash grab, not too long after the drummer’s death. Neil Peart called out Eric Clapton disrespect before death.

I’ve been monitoring eSLAY [eBay] for many days now watching the people put up their rare Neil Peart stuff. I actually thought it was pretty mellow until tonight! I can’t believe all the people who have their precious Andrew photographed Neil signed stuff on there up for grabs. The Buy It Now prices are ridiculous and absurd and it is really making me sick.”

The user continued: “As a Rush fan of the decades, I was very fortunate to communicate with Andrew via email about his work and Neil signed prints. Anything that I have in my possession will remain private. But I know the drill people. Cash grabs off of the mortals who pass really tick me off. I have married my merchandise. Anything and everything I have Rush my girls will inherit and can sell when I am dead or bury it with me. Sorry, just trying to lighten this thread up! I have amazing stories to tell about my “outer circle” connections with this band. I am so blessed. No money on the earth will ever make me part of what I have in relation to Rush. I will leave you all with and easter egg. I have something that only Geddy, Alex, Neil and I have. I will never tell. Don’t PM me. Don’t try and find me. Even I don’t know where I put it. Love you all.”

I really do not understand the need to profit from a band that one supposedly admires. For instance, I am fortunate enough to own a print signed by Alex himself of his beautiful painting “Aquarium”, courtesy of the Kidney Foundation of Canada. No matter what my financial situation may be, I will never ever sell it! It is a family heirloom now as far as I am concerned. I will proudly pass it down to the next generation and will most certainly educate them about Rush. Neil Peart ‘goodbye hug’ to Rush icon leaks.

Fellow forum user Preetha_1987 chimed in by saying: ” I think people’s attempt to “milk the cow” (so to speak), using the sick and money-grabbing mindset that the value of a celebrity’s autograph spikes upon his/her passing, makes me utterly nauseous. I do (for instance) cringe at the eagerness of people on the Antiques Roadshow USA, when their eyes gleam upon finding out how much something’s worth, rather than taking an interest in that item’s historical significance.” Rush fan reveals Neil Peart ‘angry’ sickness rant.