Steven Adler’s Mother Talks Guns N’ Roses Reunion: ‘His Dream Has Come True’


Steven Adler’s mother wrote a heartfelt message on Facebook regarding her son’s return to Guns N’ Roses at their concert in Cincinnati on Wednesday night.

“Good morning my friends. last night my son Steven Adler played with Guns N Roses His dream of performing with them once again came true. I cannot tell you just how proud of him i am. To see him on stage with that smile brought tears to my eyes. God Bless Him. By the way is he good looking or WHAT !!!!!!! PROUD!!!”

WCPO detailed Steven Adler’s pre-show jitters before his reunion with Guns N’ Roses on Wednesday night in Cincinnati.

Steven Adler, GNR’s original drummer, was invited to surprise the fans and reunite with the band for the first time in years. My husband and I were sitting on a couch in the green room when he walked in half dressed and full of pre-show jitters. He was looking for a safety pin. Miraculously someone had one, (note to self: always carry a safety pin) and he turned to me and asked me to pin his pants. “Huh? Like.. to your underwear?” I mindlessly asked. “No, bunch the fabric together and tighten the pants,” my husband laughed. Got it. Success. Did that just happen? Yes. And the point? Adler may be a rock star, but he still has ill-fitting pants and needs a little help every now and then. He’s human…

Plus, I wanted to tell you that story.

Steven Adler reunited with Guns N’ Roses in Cincinnati on Wednesday to perform “My Michelle” and “Out Ta Get Me.” This was the first time he performed with the band since April 7, 1990. Watch videos of the historic Guns N’ Roses performances below.