Chris Cornell’s Stalker Planned To Propose, Had Bizarre Jeff Buckley Delusion


The New York Post’s Page Six is reporting new details surround the arrest of Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell’s alleged stalker Jessica Robbins outside of his recent concert in Louisville.

Page Six reports that Robbins had bought tickets to the show wearing a large scarf around her head and big sunglasses, which set off red flags with box office security due to it being 88 degrees out. Robbins later arrived at the concert wearing a disguise with a ‘stolen passport.’

A source told Page Six, “She got into the gig as a ticket holder . . . The tour manager didn’t recognize her . . . He nearly let her propose to Chris onstage!” Before Robbins could get to Cornell, his bodyguard Martin Kirsten stopped her. Kirsten used to date supermodel Heidi Klum.

Robbins was then detained by an officer outside the venue, a source told us, and she “looked at security and said, ‘You don’t know who the fuck I am, do you?’ ” The source said Robbins told security that the phone Cornell keeps onstage (which belonged to Jeff Buckley) was so that “Chris could contact her.” And that she “told security to take her ring . . . and give it to Chris . . . She said the ring will sort it all out.”

Robbins removed her court ordered ankle bracelet monitor in May, which led to the FBI warning the Cornell family. Robbins’ photo was on display at every venue for his current ‘Higher Truth’ North American tour. Robbins was first arrested in 2014 for allegedly posting hundreds of disturbing and threatening messages towards Cornell and his wife Vicky online, which forced them to pull their children from public school in New York. Alternative Nation’s comments section was allegedly one of Robbins’ places she posted her disturbing messages, as I’ve had to send screenshots of countless comments that shook me to my core. Hopefully this nightmare is now over for the Cornell family.