Steven Tyler ‘Bloated’ Stomach Photos Revealed


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has posted a new ‘full’ stomach photo. He wrote, “THE WIND SHE’S A-SCREAMIN’ YOUR NAME… GREAT NIGHT OUT WITH MY WOLF PACK HOWLIN’ AT @miatyler’s BIRTHDAY. #REPOST @miatyler When your heart & stomach is full. This Wolf pack is sleeping good tonight.” Steven Tyler’s ex-girlfriend discussed a big name affair earlier this week.

Steven’s daughter Mia Tyler wrote, “41 spins around the sun and here I am. Now that I am a Mama, I feel like birthdays are really about the parents. So today I’m honoring my Mama & Pops and spending my morning with the most important person (and pup) in my life.

Birthdays used to be about such different things. Then I had Ax and every molecule in my soul changed. I’m blessed to have known and loved my mother for as long as the universe allowed. And now I get to pick up where she left off and lead a new generation. Grateful for everyone that’s ever been a part of this journey. And looking forward to another flight through the universe with you all. Happy reborn day Mama.”

She also said, “So last week, when I wasn’t looking, Ax watched a whole episode of Power Rangers. Which, is for 7 & and up. He’s like a sponge right now so I have to watch what he’s watching or else he’ll go to school next week karate chopping everyone. He’s been asking for more Power Rangers, so I successfully tricked him into thinking this weird Japanese show Mini Force is the rangers. It’s dubbed in English and the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. But you do what you gotta do with a sick kid & a table full of Christmas crap that’s gotta get wrapped. #singlemomsclub.” Steven Tyler recently discussed an alcoholic Aerosmith meltdown.