David Gilmour ‘Wet’ Accident Stuns Pink Floyd Fans


During part five of the Pink Floyd YouTube series ‘Pink Floyd’s The Later Years Revisited, David Gilmour discusses a particular show from the city of Venice, Italy from 1989, when Roger Waters was out of the group and Gilmour was leading band by that point. Pink Floyd reveal sad reason David Gilmour is ‘recluse’.

David Gilmour wife reveals heartbreaking ‘the end’ news. Gilmour reveals a certain stipulation that the band demanded prior to the show taking place and how inclement weather took its toll that night, which proved to be a net benefit instead of a negative at the end of it all. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

David Gilmour: I remember beforehand them asking us to do it and I can remember saying to Steve [Wright] tell them that we want an hour of darkness that was our only prerequisite. We got our one hour of darkness, and half hour of rain and it was wet, torrential. Those huge winds, slashing onto us, I must have been using a radiant mic on the guitar at that time because it would of been too dangerous. I remember thinking, you can hide from this rain or you can embrace it and there is only one thing to. [That is] to get out there and enjoy it.

Gilmour continues:

Gilmour: We had Sam Brown and her mom Vicki Brown, I look and of course we had Clare Torry, the original singer of Great Gig in the Sky singing with us that night. We also had Candy Dulfer playing saxophone that day. It went really well. David Gilmour announces Pink Floyd death in sad video.