Steven Tyler ‘Crazy’ Video With Girls In Dressing Room Revealed


Steven Tyler had some girl power backstage to help him prepare for an Aerosmith show in a ‘crazy’ video he has just posted, where his process of getting ready to perform is revealed. Tyler kissed the wife of an A-list star earlier this week, and the star thanked Tyler.


Brad Whitford recently discussed meeting Steven Tyler for the first time.

“My first impression was this guy is definitely a rocker,” Whitford said. “He’s always been very conscious of his clothing and appearance. He just looked like a rock star when we were a long way from anything like that! He had a great presence, dressed badass and [was] quite obviously an amazing vocal talent. He’s an incredible musician, he’s got perfect pitch and he really knows how to listen to music and dissect it.”

Aerosmith revealed that Sting really did to The Police earlier this week. Whitford said about meeting Joe Perry, in the interview conducted by WTOP, “We had an instantaneous chemistry. It was just one of those things that worked. We didn’t have to really work at it. We just naturally fell into each other’s type of playing and it was easy. … He just has this ability to come up with these badass licks. … He was just coming up with all these amazing riffs, which eventually turned into our first album.”