Steven Tyler Girlfriend ‘Bends Over’ On Motorcycle Photo


Dude looks like a biker! Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler can be seen taking his adoring girlfriend, the incomparable Aimee Preston for the ride of her life on this stunning red motorcycle. Not only does Tyler look rough and tough on his new chopper but Preston looks as sexy as she can be, as Preston can be seen bending over on the bike in a ravishing white outfit. You can view the photos below. Steven Tyler ‘cancels’ performance after tragic news.

In other Aerosmith and Steven Tyler news, fans took to social media recently to discuss the legacy and impact of Aerosmith’s self-titled debut album. One fan wrote: ” This was either my 3rd or 4th record, that I ever bought by Aerosmith in 1976, after “Dream On” entered the charts again. There was a much better & shorter version of “Dream On” when it first reached #59, on the charts, in the Fall of 1973. I had always liked the shorter version of “Dream On”, so much better.

Steven Tyler announces new female Aerosmith member. The fan continued: “The other small hit from this album was “Mama Kin”, which was very familiar when I first bought the record. It’s an excellent song, along w/ “Make It”, which is the perfect way to start the album. “Movin’ Out”, is another one of my favorite songs here. I love the scratching sound of the guitar on “Walkin’ the Dog”. It sounds as though the dog has an itch on its skin! “Write Me a Letter” & “One Way Street” are pretty good songs, although I didn’t like “One Way Street” too much when I first got this album.”

The fan also said: “One Way Street”, seems to remind of “Midnight Gambler”, by the Stones, from their 1969 album titled “Let it Bleed”. Back to Aerosmith now, the song “Somebody” is okay, actually kinda funny, lyric-wise, but it’s not one of my favorites. Even though “Dream On” was the biggest hit on this album & it charted in ’73 & again in ’76, it is not T my favorite on this album at all. Just recently, I bought this album in CD format & it’s good to hear these songs all over again. Definitely recommended.” Aerosmith drummer ‘angry’ Steven Tyler phone calls leaks.