Steven Tyler Is Gaunt In Photo After Pedo Accusation


Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler recently visited the local 911 operators on Thursday after first responders were called to a tragedy at a Duxbury home that left two children dead.

Plymouth County Control shared a photo of the superstar posing with workers. The caption read, “Steven Tyler visits Plymouth County Control! #PCC #firstresponders #ThankfulThursday.”

Steven Tyler was spotted with 911 operators

In the photo, Tyler has his arm around one of the dispatchers as five others gather around. Plymouth County Control is the mutual-aid control point for Fire District 2, coordinating mutual-aid responses from one community to another; which includes 29 individual fire departments, as well as private ambulance companies.

Dispatchers at the center coordinated the response to a 911 call Tuesday night reporting a woman’s attempted suicide on Summer Street in Duxbury. When officers arrived, they found a woman seriously injured after jumping from her second-story window, and two of her children strangled to death inside. A third child, an 8-month-old boy, has been hospitalized.

At a press conference Wednesday, Duxbury and Plymouth County officials spoke to the horror of the scene for local police, firefighters and EMTs.

“Many of them will not forget what they saw last evening,” Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz said.

Duxbury Chief of Police Michael Carbone on Thursday thanked the community “for their outpouring of support.”

“Because the public safety community is often faced with traumatic situations, there are established mechanisms in place to ensure that we have the resources needed to continue operating and support our personnel under even the most extreme of conditions,” he said in a statement. “We are well equipped to provide for the needs of our people while we continue to supply needed services to the residents of Duxbury.”

Tyler was recently accused of sleeping with an underage girl.