Johnny Depp Daughter Lets It Hang Out In Photo


Daughter of Johnny Depp, Lily-Rose Depp just went into the deep end as she showcases her new style as she looks to have her name get just as household as her infamous father’s name.

Recently, Lily took to social media to post up very revealing photos of herself. The photos instantly started to get tons of reactions as many were shocked to see her skimp down to almost nothing. Lily was very proud of the photos as they are still very artsy and tasteful.

Lily has had a pretty good career thus far. She starred in a few films which instantly got her success outside of her last name. Her social media isn’t something to shake a stick at either as she boasts a whopping seven million followers on Instagram alone.

As reported by Daily Mail, She has been known for serving looks for a while now as she has also been seen in public in more grungy/alternative wears which have featured oversized sweaters, blue jeans, and some very eye catching dark sunglasses.

When it comes to her father, Johnny Depp – it’s clear to see that he has always been supportive and proud of what his daughter has been capable of for many years. She’s carving out her own path and that’s something that not many can say when they have such a huge name attached to their own.

Lily has not let anyone down in her modeling or acting career. She knows just how to bring the energy to anything that she does. Certainly, there will no longer be a comparison of her or her father for much longer as she continues to move forward on her own.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for her as time moves on in her incredible ongoing career.