Motley Crue Member Reveals ‘Huge Belly’ In Pool Photo


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has posted a new pool photo with his beautiful baby daughter Ruby on social media. Motley Crue unloaded on Def Leppard disrespect earlier this week.

Sixx said, “I luckily have a lot of strong and sometimes bossy woman around me as you can see from this photo of Ruby giving me the in’s and out’s of a proper belly flop in the shallow end of the pool.”

Jayanna.kelley commented, “Are you gonna warn her about guys like you?” Sixx responded, “Yes.” Lindalsimpson said, “@nikkisixxpixx I am sure the boys will be too scared to even think about coming around with dishonourable intentions knowing who her daddy is!”

Iri87shka added, “@nikkisixxpixx Usually people say that girls intuitively choose a guy similar to her father… 🤔💨 So this time promises to be funny and stormy, but in the end such wonderful and peaceful!!!”

Ileanaca chimed in, “She is just tooo much cuteness to handle. Bossy women around you?!? That’s just a rumor…” Sixx shot back, “@ileanaca wouldn’t have it any other way. Woman are superior in every way.”

Crazycarrie79 told Nikki, “@nikkisixxpixx your baby Girl is adorable. So precious. I Love your tattoos wish I could see them up close all the small little details. And the stories/reasons behind them.” Cori.lynn.sixx concluded, “This picture is so wholesome!! You’re a great father Nikki 💕💕 ruby is very lucky 💕💕 can’t wait to see u in Seattle.” A ‘sick’ Tommy Lee insult was revealed by an A-list comedian a few days ago.