Aerosmith Reveal Why Steven Tyler ‘Replaced’ Bandmate


Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton discussed the process behind the band’s twelfth studio album, ‘Nine Lives’ and how drummer Joey Kramer wasn’t involved with the early writing – opting to use session musician and Average White Band drummer Steve Ferrone to fill in on the project. Steven Tyler ‘bends over’ for surprising young man in photo.

Hamilton revealed why this move was made and the adjustments that had to be made to accommodate Ferrone by telling the outlet: “We were just at the beginning of putting material together for what became the Nine Lives album. Joey was having some problems that he needed to get some help with which meant he would be unavailable for the next month. Our manager felt really strongly that we had to stay on schedule with the release date of the record and with some other events that were written in stone.”

Steven Tyler reveals huge ‘size’ to women in photo. Hamilton then continued: “I forgot how we got in touch with Steve Ferrone, but we asked him to come in and fill in until Joey’s return. Steve’s a great guy and a fantastic drummer. We got along really well with him and he picked up the arrangements to the songs very quickly. His time sense was rock solid, so I had no trouble getting tight with his style. I’m pretty adaptable, in general, anyway, so that helped.”

In other news revolving Aerosmith, fans recently took to social media to discuss the legacy and impact revolving the aforementioned ‘Nine Lives’ studio album. One fan said: “This is my favorite album from them by far (actually probably in my top 10 albums period, and I listen to a lot of music from a lot of genres). I love the old material, but this is just the right mixture of maturity and ‘rough and tumble’ rock ‘n roll. From a recording/sound standpoint, the guitar tones on this album are epic! The spatial palette is rich with enough textures to hear a new one every time you listen. This is one of those albums that as soon as I put it on the first time, I was captivated. I listened to the whole thing right then and many times since then.” Steven Tyler terrible haircut photo revealed, is he gray?

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