Steven Tyler Makes Out With Girl In Elevator Photo


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler took to social media via Instagram to post the following steamy picture of him smooching his lovely wife, Kelly Ann Preston in this elevator. Loving In An Elevator, indeed! A Steven Tyler ‘in the closet’ claim revealed by this woman.

This Aerosmith icon dropped the following transgender bombshell recently. In other news regarding Aerosmith, fans of the group discussed the band’s sixth studio album entitled ‘Night in the Ruts’ and it’s legacy on Aerosmith’s official Facebook page recently.

Donna wrote: This album is especially favored by me because my brother died in 78 . We used to always listen to your music before his passing along with other musicians so this album was and still is important to me. My sister in law used to tell me back in the day to forget boys like you. So glad I didn’t listen ! Your music helps me better understand some things in this messed up world we live in ! You all are the best-hearted musicians I know ! I continue to wish you all the best with the comeback and success with your music . Have a wonderful day!”

These Steven Tyler daughter bedroom photos with this famous woman leaked a couple of days ago. Thomas put: I knew the guy who worked at House of Music who saved this huge poster for me. Hung in my childhood room for years. Actually taken for the ‘Chip Away The Stone’ song (makes sense). Loved the album but came out just as Joe Perry left the band — so a bit of a pall cast on the album. Loved Think About It.

Joe said: “I picked this album up as soon as it was in record stores! That was a tough year for the band, Joe Perry left, Jimmy Crespo took his spot and did the tour, [saw them at the Chicago Amphitheater] then Brad Whitford left, I really thought that was the end of the band! I’m glad they came roaring back, always one of my favorites and I thought it was a decent album too!”