Steven Tyler Offends A-List Model In Disgusting Video


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler‘s daughter Mia isn’t too happy over her daddy’s latest antics. Steven Tyler’s daughter took this racy beach swimsuit photo a couple of days ago. The seventy-one-year-old frontman was caught humping a model in the front row of one of Aerosmith’s latest Las Vegas residency shows. Steven Tyler’s family member unloaded on a ‘toxic’ relationship recently. Tyler posted the following about the incident on social media via Instagram

iamstevent “CLEARLY… I HAVE THE BEST FANS!”. Whereas Tyler’s daughter Mia simply replied: “Ew”. The video of the incident can be seen below.

In other Aerosmith news, fans on the official Aerosmith Facebook page were praising the appearance of A list songstress, Alicia Keys who appeared during one of the recent Las Vegas residency shows to sing the classic Aerosmith track: “Dream On”. Many opinions were had on Alicia’s rendition of the hit.

Mike proclaimed: “This was fantastic! For those who criticize;, I think you missed the song’s original message, which was more than perfect for this event. Of course, we love when the boys do this song! And, you’d be hard-pressed to find an artist who can do it as well, let alone better. But that’s not really the point, is it? Personally, in a disconnected way, I feel kinda proud, to have been a fanatic of Aerosmith for 40+ years, and realize that they still have such meaning, such influence. I love it!”

Lian said: “Nice. Just nice. It’s good she demonstrates it’s not that easy at all, mind her forged voice at the end of lines. But even if it would have been perfect, it’s not the perfect performance that makes Aerosmith songs great. Don’t we all just love the raw emotions and passion? That you feel the song building up inside your body and you almost scream your heart out when it’s at his peak?”

And Steve put: “Not only did Alicia Keys parents draw the “she will be one of the most beautiful people of her generation; they also drew the ” Pipes, not of this Planet card”: they also Kicked in the “will have the ability to play all musical instruments”. The also apparently slipped in the” oh by the way your siblings are just as talented”. Man Sis nailed that. Had to be so cool for her and Sis“. Tyler’s daughter also reacted to his sad vocal health scare not too long ago.