Greta Van Fleet Announce Stunning ‘Last Performance’


Greta Van Fleet announced their last performance of 2019 a couple of days ago, as we enter into 2020. The band said, “Let’s create a night to remember for our last performance this year.” Greta Van Fleet are releasing a new album in 2020 after a rumored leak, and fans on Reddit discussed possible tour plans.

Cosmic-collision posted, “When the release of the next album comes, is it possible that they will do a tour for that album? I unfortunately missed them this time around.”

JesusRocksSocks responded, “There’s a good chance, many bands and artists like to alternate; create album to go on tour to create a new album, and on. But since they worked on this one while on tour I could see them taking a little time off since there was a few instances of working themselves too hard.

I wouldn’t be so worried about it though man, they had a huge first tour, lots of festivals too. They’re definitely gonna tour, just might not be immediately after the album drops.”

mattszerlag commented, “They say ‘early 2020’ for the album, at this point they need to release a few singles and have the album release at least 6 weeks after the first single. From there, assume a smaller tour than you might be used to, as in bigger venues and fewer dates.”

Very_zesty_zach chimed in, “They’re not touring again until April so anything’s possible between now and then.”

Noahracer wrote, “I’m thinking that the album will release late January early February and they will probably do a summer tour again.” A Greta Van Fleet concert ‘health emergency’ was just revealed.