Steven Tyler Fat Girlfriend Revealed By Big Name


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler’s interview on The Howard Stern Show aired on a vacation show episode last week, and Stern got Tyler to admit that he has been with overweight women. Steven Tyler also revealed an A-list actor who abused heroin. recapped: Howard asked Steven if he’d been with with fat groupies. Steven said sure. Howard said he’s a real man. Steven said he got into the 3 and 4 girl thing too.

Steven talked about the Janie’s fund thing and how he wrote the song about Janie having a gun. He said he saw all of the shooting stuff going on. He said he thought it would be cool to have a Janie’s house.

Steven Tyler revealed a surprising drug he used at a Jimi Hendrix concert. He said he met people from Youth Villages. He said they came up with the Janie’s fund thing. He said they asked people to take his microphone stand and tweet out a picture. He said Howard did it. He said they’re trying to get the word out about abused women.

He said there’s no place to go. He said that’s what Janie’s fund is about. Steven said he’s working with this group and it’s taking off. Howard said Steven has said it all and probably said too much. He wrapped up and went to break a short time later. They played Aerosmith performing ”Pink” in the Howard Stern Show studio as they were going to break. Aerosmith recently rejected a Freddie Mercury film idea.