Steven Tyler Reveals Brutal Hospital Photo


Aerosmith shows that no matter what, family will never want to miss a thing! Aimee Ann Preston the girlfriend of iconic frontman Steven Tyler ran into quite the family emergency. Taking to social media via Instagram she informed her fans and everyone alike that her sister, Renee had to be hospitalized. This Aerosmith member [was it Steven Tyler?] was spotted buying this ridiculous car recently. Not to be afraid though, she is bound to make a quick recovery. Preston had this to say on the manner:

I’d like to say you are in good hands sis…but one must wonder about these two! @cthais1 @iamstevent @reneeonthisday #notyouraveragedoctors #hospitalchic

Our condolences go out to both the Tyler and Preston family. You can see the photo in which Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, along with another family member is standing in the hospital below.

In other news regarding Aerosmith, the band took to social media via Facebook to announce that they were the 2020 MusiCares Person of the Year. Fans have been giving their responses to the band receiving this prestigious honor.  Steven Tyler’s daughter took this stunning beach swimsuit photo a couple of days ago.

Victoria replied: “Mama was listening I’m so proud and honored this went to Aerosmith ..with your hard works and all your addictions and still clean and sober you deserve this…I hardly talk about this but throwing this out there …if it was not for Aerosmith I would be dead today papa you know what I mean I have five months today and alive six feet above ground to say thank you ..go enjoy your happy day and excitement ..wish you the best will be watching love you all”

Andrew posted: “Congratulations!!! So well deserved for all you do for people…Not only your charitable endeavors, but the joy, hope, and inspiration you give to people through your music! Seeing your brothers in GN’R tonight and can’t wait to rock out with you guys in Vegas on Sunday!!!”

Aerosmith revealed this ‘dirty’ Steven Tyler secret not too long ago. Alice proclaimed: “Congratulations I knew you guys were all humanitarians but like a true Christian you’re not telling the whole world you keep it to yourself and you give your precious gifts to those who need it what a wonderful cause you are contributing to and what a wonderful honor to receive an award for what all you guys do you all have hearts as big as gold!”

Daniel said: “Thank you from a member of the tribe for 35 years. It’s all about love and service. You all do that so well, pass it on with love.”