Howard Stern Reveals Crazy Keith Richards Party Demand


The Rolling Stones icon Keith Richards intimidated a big name at a party before he finally demanded to meet him!

On the most recent edition of The Howard Stern Show, “The King of All Media” had fellow talk show host Jimmy Kimmel as a guest where they discussed various topics including having dinner with former first lady Michelle Obama and Joaquin Phoenix. Here, the ABC late-night television host discusses with Stern how he met The Rolling Stones icon Keith Richards a couple of years ago at a party. This Rolling Stones member rejected a Led Zeppelin offer.

As recapped: Howard said Jimmy is a different person than he was when he met him. He said he knows a lot of people now. He said people like hanging out with him. He asked if he’s having Michelle Obama over to his house. Jimmy said he had dinner with her like 2 and a half years ago and that was it. He said he did a Q&A with her in Seattle. He said she’s fantastic. Howard said he thinks she was a great first lady. Jimmy said you get this feeling that she’s a great person. He said when you’re around her you get that. He said she was doing great things before she was Michelle Obama. Howard asked how he got that gig and if it felt weird doing it. Jimmy said he felt comfortable doing it. Howard asked if everyone there was paying attention. Jimmy said they were and it was a lot of fun. Howard said it would be his worst nightmare doing an interview with someone in front of 20,000 people. He said that would feel horrible to him. Keith Richards’ daughter being ‘in love’ with an old rock icon was detailed a few days ago.

Jimmy went through what he had to do with Michelle and told Howard it wasn’t a paying gig. Howard said he’d say no if he was asked to do that. He said he’s not going to sit there with 20,000 people trying to make them laugh. Jimmy asked if he would do it if she was going to do his show. Howard said no way. He said he might do it with the Rolling Stones. He asked if he’s ever interviewed any of them. Jimmy said he did meet Keith Richards a couple of years ago. He said he saw him at the party and he wanted to talk to him but then he wanted to leave him alone. He said someone said he wanted to talk to him so he went over to him. He said he went over and said he can’t believe that Keith Richards wants to talk to him. Howard asked if he understood him because he seems to mumble. Jimmy said that Shaq is like that unless he’s into talking to you. He said when you’re talking to Keith he’s speaking clearly. He said when someone isn’t into being talked to then they might mumble.

Howard said Joaquin Phoenix was good with Jimmy the other night. Jimmy said people don’t know what to make of him and they seem to think he was springing stuff on him but it was all set up. Howard asked if he liked the Joker movie. Jimmy said he did think there were a lot of good things about it. Howard said he didn’t like there was no Batman in it. Jimmy said when Howard sees it he’ll see what he didn’t love about it. Mick Jagger’s girlfriend called out this Keith Richards affair rumor