Steven Tyler Reveals Disgusting Aerosmith Bandmate Video


Steven Tyler has shared a video of himself bizarrely kissing Aerosmith bandmate Joey Kramer at a recent Las Vegas ‘Deuces Are Wild’ show after Kramer was forced to pull out of a couple concerts a few months ago after suffering from health issues. A video of Kramer kissing him back was also uploaded.


jlcurran85 then posted a video of Kramer kissing Tyler back as revenge, “Hey @iamstevent & @justinmcconney, Sometimes Joey can’t help himself either ! Lick and a Promise. #DeucesAreWild #Aerosmith #lasvegasresidency #parkmgm #aerophonevid.”

lisacharb530 commented, “I would have bonked you with the drum stick😂sometimes you can’t help yourself…. ❤️”

jensoreno wrote, “Ah ha! You’re the one that’s going to the stores licking the ice cream and putting back in the freezer! LOL j/k.”

mixelrooy chimed in, “Have you not tortured that poor man enough 😀”

Steven Tyler revealed a powerful The Beatles reunion photo on Sunday. seangod posted on the Aeroforce forums about a recent Aerosmith show, “Now the elephant in the room. Joey Kramer. Let me just start by saying, I love Joey. I play the drums because of Joey. If It was not for Joey Kramer, I would not be the player I am today. He does not look well. It seems like he is literally giving all that he has to get up there and play. I thought he was gonna pass out during the outro of Sweet Emotion. I still saw a few smiles towards the end of the show and he seems to be having fun. But, tempos were off at times, and he just doesn’t seem like the #hit hard JK he use to be. Something seems up with him.”