Steven Tyler Shirtless Dressing Room Video With Hot Women Leaks


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler was filmed backstage in his dressing room at the ‘Deuces Are Wild’ residency kickoff show in Las Vegas. Beautiful women are seen doing Tyler’s hair and makeup.

Tyler sang in a pirate voice, “I like to go swimming with four legged women, and swim between their legs.”

Steven Tyler recently discussed a possible American Idol return in a Hollywood Life interview.

“It depends on who’s on with me,” the Aerosmith singer said. “I really think that Randy [Jackson] was — maybe people would say he was good for his time. He was great for his time. He was 10 years a leader and then he would walk out, ‘Yo dog!’ and we’d be sitting there for 8 hours, seeing kid after kid after kid — like 300 kids in Minneapolis auditioning, and you’re sitting there like, ‘Oh hey!’ Some people get dressed up in the car, as a car, other girls, red lipstick and you know. And he made the best of it of some times that weren’t so good, but would I do it? Yeah, I’d do it.”

Van Halen frontman recently had high praise for Steven Tyler in a Forbes interview, saying he couldn’t be imitated.

“Nobody imitates Steven Tyler or Robert Plant. Those are static singers that are a little bit closer to a [Frank] Sinatra. I’ve been dancing, they don’t dance. They perform and they present a little closer to what [David] Bowie did. Bowie didn’t dance either. Neither does [Bruce] Springsteen. Springsteen is a job site foreman at a construction site (laughs). I’ll imitate. [Walks around] ‘Finish those gaskets, Armin, I’m buying lunch.’ They don’t dance.”