Robert Plant Sings Led Zeppelin Out Of Tune


Robert Plant reveals how it came to be

Plant spoke about the matter with his cohost Matt Everitt on the latest edition of their Digging Deep podcast. “I often did it like that because I didn’t really know whether I could hit the right peckin’ note! “I’ll go as far away from the microphone just in case it’s not very good! Because you don’t know sometimes.”

Plant further cited Zep’s “Immigrant Song” as a track that always gave him fits. He noted that the song’s “call to arms” section is rather ill-suited for his voice. He once went 23 years without performing “Immigrant Song” in concert; he broke that streak in 2019 for an audience in Iceland.

Plant is set to head back out on tour this June with Alison Krauss as the pair celebrate their new album, Raise the Roof, which arrived last fall.

Led Zeppelin was formed in 1968 by guitarist Jimmy Page and broke up after drummer John Bonham’s sudden death in 1980. Neal Preston, who was the only photographer ever hired to go on tour with Led Zeppelin recently talked about the possibility of the band reuniting. He said that Led Zeppelin will never reform their band. Previously, the former Jimmy Page collaborator David Coverdale expressed his, and Jimmy Page’s, desire for the band Led Zeppelin’s highly-anticipated reunion.