Steven Tyler Terrible New Haircut Photo Revealed


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has uploaded a photo of him wearing his hair in a bizarre new style backstage at a show, appearing to use a banana as a telephone. Fans pointed out how similar Tyler’s beautiful girlfriend looked to his daughter in a new romantic photo.

“S.T. PHONE HOME!!! 📷@katbenzova_rockphoto.”

Steven Tyler bit Joe Perry in a new Aerosmith live video. Brad Whitford discussed his relationship with Perry in a new Guitar Player interview, “In some ways it has, because we’ve both grown as players. But in other ways it’s stayed like it was in the early days. I think we learn a lot from each other. You know, it’s very hard to play some of what Joe does, because it’s so different from what I do. And some of these songs that he’s come up with, it’s just brilliant stuff.

I’m not sure where it comes from, because we come from two different places. He’s not schooled at all, so it’s totally a ‘feel’ thing for him, whereas I did a lot more studying of the guitar. So you’re seeing two different approaches, but they work really well together. Ultimately, you want to have both sides.

I mean, there’s lots of guys out there that could never read music, but you hear them play and you just say, ‘Damn!’ It’s like if Stevie Ray Vaughan came up and said, ‘I’m gonna learn how to read music.’ You’d say, ‘Don’t bother! You’ll be fine!” [laughs].'”

Steven Tyler kissed Joey Kramer onstage in another new video.


jlcurran85 then posted a video of Kramer kissing Tyler back as revenge, “Hey @iamstevent & @justinmcconney, Sometimes Joey can’t help himself either ! Lick and a Promise. #DeucesAreWild #Aerosmith #lasvegasresidency #parkmgm #aerophonevid.”

lisacharb530 commented, “I would have bonked you with the drum stick😂sometimes you can’t help yourself…. ❤️”

jensoreno wrote, “Ah ha! You’re the one that’s going to the stores licking the ice cream and putting back in the freezer! LOL j/k.”