Steven Tyler Threatens To ‘Take Down’ Impersonator


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler recently called out fake impersonator accounts in a new social media post, claiming people were trying to rip off his fans for money. He threatened to ‘take down’ new songs, and said many have already been taken down. Steven Tyler recently paid bizarre homage to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in a new photo.

“Friends…foes…fans..and animals…please share this! This is my profile and the only one that is authentic on Instagram…there are lots of Steven Tyler fake accounts that keep popping up and contacting you individually or posting as if they are me…and it’s definitely not MOI. I’ve been getting a lot of responses from true fans and we have been able to take these suckers down one at a time!

But I hate that they are trying to take advantage of you beautiful people and we have to make it stop together. I also don’t have a personal page so if Steven Tyler is asking you to be (friends)….don’t do it! Unless I personally call you of course. Unfriend them if you’ve already accepted their request and don’t answer or believe any of the private messages.

Who knows who those dirtbags are or what information they are after, but I’m sure it ain’t good…and whatever you do, do not send these people money! Report fake accounts as fraud to Instagram…Big love to all of you…and see you in Vegas!

ST and the boys.”

A rare photo of Steven Tyler and Michael Jackson at a club recently surfaced.