Sting Drops AC/DC Retirement Bombshell


The legendary Sting recently stated that he thinks that one should leave a band if he is a grown man. In a recent interview with Mojo magazine he said how he doesn’t think “any grown man can be in a band actually” (via Tonedeaf) and he further spoke about bands such as AC/DC and The Rolling Stones.

Sting opens up on the matter

The celebrated musician himself joined the world-known new wave rock outfit Police when he was 26, and as its bassist and songwriter, led the charge of the Second British Invasion of the US right up until 1986 when the beloved band disbanded and Sting had turned 35.

With that in mind, it is anyone’s guess where Sting draws the line after which one is considered “a grown man”.

Nevertheless, Sting sees “a band” as a synonym for “a teenage gang”, and thinks that bands like AC/DC and The Rolling Stones “who are knocking 70s” are missing the point. He said:

“A band is a teenage gang. Who wants to be in a teenage gang when you’re knocking 70? It doesn’t allow you to evolve. You have to obey the rules and the gestalt of the band. As much as I love the Stones and AC/DC, it’s hard to see growth in their music. For me, the band was merely a vehicle for the songs and not the other way round.”

During the interview, Sting further said that there is nothing against the solo careers in his statement concerning the appropriate age for being in a band, going out on your own as he did post-Police would probably be more acceptable than staying with a band.

As a result, Sting stated that he probably still wouldn’t come back to The Police had his 1985 debut album “The Dream of the Blue Turtles” been a flop:

“Both Andy and Stewart had made albums without me so it was my right too. I recruited a band from the jazz world and I was lucky it was a hit. I have no idea what would have happened if it hadn’t been a hit. Would I have gone back to the band and eaten humble pie? I hope not.”