Freddie Mercury Bending Over In Dress Photo Revealed


Rare Freddie Mercury photos of the iconic Queen frontman in the “I Want To Break Free” video have been revealed. Mercury wore a dress and woman’s clothing in the video, and in one of the photos is seen bending over while cleaning. Gene Simmons revealed a photo partying with a Freddie Mercury bandmate yesterday.

Peter Freestone said, “This video proved a lot of things to Freddie. The first was that he couldn’t walk in very high heels. An assortment of sizes of high-heels were provided ranging from a five-and-a-half inch heel to the two-inch variety which is what Freddie is wearing.

Prior to this trial by heel, he had always thought that he had a good sense of balance but when he put his feef into any shoe with a heel over two inches, he discovered that he was wobbling everywhere.”

Freestone also said, “Freddie was no fickle friend. I can’t think of one short-term friendship he had. When you were Freddie’s friend, that meant for life.”

Freddie Mercury Club said, “👉P.S. So this is the famous heels story. Can you imagine Freddie was first planning on wearing a 5 and a half inch (14 centimeters)? 😂

But 5 inch or 2 I’ll tell you one thing, no one could rock high heels the way Freddie did my darlings 🔥😏🔥 #FreddieMercury #IWantToBreakFree.” Brian May revealed a photo of a ‘bad’ Freddie Mercury boyfriend earlier this week.