Stone Temple Pilots Describe ‘Anger’ And ‘Sadness’ After Scott Weiland & Chester Bennington’s Deaths


Dean DeLeo discussed the deaths of Stone Temple Pilots singers Scott Weiland and Chester Bennington in a new Variety interview.

Variety asked, “What are the emotions listening to these songs after doing them with Scott and Chester, who are both now gone?”

Dean responded, “It’s pretty much every emotion. It’s sadness, it’s anger, it’s intense, it’s joy, it’s love. It’s every emotion that the guy who had such a huge flow and such success with this band, and is not here to tell you about it. I hate it. I can’t stand it, man.

Like I said earlier, It’s like, ‘Really man? You had to take it there?’ And that’s what’s tragic about the situation right now because, everything else about it is really, really beautiful. But, heck man. If there’s one thing I could have changed back in the day, it would have been to just ask for Scott to have somewhat of a full heart and a peaceful mind.

Scott was an extraordinary human being. Like, anything that guy did, he excelled at. And I know there was a lot of noise in that guy’s head, man. And when he found things that would take down that noise and squelch that fuzz, that’s where he found his peace. And sadly, it killed him.”

Dean also mourned STP’s two fallen singers in a recent Yahoo interview.

“For the rest of our days, we’re going to miss those two guys immensely,” Dean says softly. “You record music with somebody, you write music with somebody — that’s very intimate. You’re really putting all of yourself out there, and you’re very vulnerable. … These are two men that we had the luxury and honor of doing that with for many years, so we’re really, really going miss those guys. A lot.”