Chris Cornell’s Brother Responds To Haters, Reveals ‘Gut Wrenching’ Grave Conversations


Peter Cornell has posted the following about his brother Chris Cornell:

The grainy picture above. My Brother’s last birthday. We surprised him. He was playing in Spokane that night.

To pay me back for the surprise he handed me a guitar and said “you’re the first song of the encore. You better go practice and come up with something”. The last time I had been on any stage was his stage in 2011, but how do you say no to that invitation/demand. You don’t. Chris asks you to share his stage there is only one answer. Yes (and maybe Yikes).

We brought in perhaps the heaviest cake in the history of cakes. It weighed an easy 35 pounds. We laughed and got choked up and it was a great night for us.

I’ll post the vid sometime. I did “Piano Man” and all my corny nonsense seemed to work.

I also posted a pic of the siblings. I seem to garner a few haters and bullies when I post. Particularly when I post old family photos. We had our demons as many of you did. No matter what happened in our world though, we had each other.

I visit Chris every week. We talk about things like Spokane that night and the fans that come to see him in Hollywood. We talk about the kids and the world that misses and grieves him still. Sometimes it’s cathartic. Always it’s gut wrenching. Always there are tears. It’s taken on an unexpected spiritual component.

I miss him. I know you do too. Thank you for your continuing support. Thank you for honoring him. Thank you for sharing my grief. Thank you for safeguarding his legacy.

Goodnight Brother. We love you.